Calcium and Cellular Metabolism
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Calcium and Cellular Metabolism

Transport and Regulation
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J. C. Benech
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Proceedings of an international workshop held in Montevideo, Uruguay, September 25-October 6, 1995
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Regulation of Calcium Signaling in Cells; E. Carafoli. Calcium Microdomains: Their Role in Synaptic Release; R. Llinás, et al. Rapid Confocal Measurements of Ca2+ Sparks in Rat Ventricular Myocytes; L. Cleeman, et al. Calcium Channels Diversity at the Vertebrate Neuromuscular Junction; O. Uchitel, E. Katz. Comparison of the Effects of BDM on L-Type Ca Channels of Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle; G. Ferreira, et al. Balls, Chains, and Potassium Channels; R. Latorre, et al. The Calcium Pump of the Plasma Membrane; E. Carafoli, et al. ATP, Glucose-6 Phosphate and the Concept of Phosphate Compounds of High and Low Energy; L. de Meis. Understanding the Energy Source for Na+-Ca2+ Exchange after Dephosphorylation Steps of the Na+-ATPase Activity of Na+, K+-ATPase; L. Beaugé, et al. Modulation of P-Glycoprotein on Tumor Cells; M. Orind, et al. Regulation of Neuronal Protein Synthesis by Calcium; J.R. Sotelo, et al. Local Protein Synthesis in the Squid Giant Axon and Presynaptic Terminals; A. Giuditta. Regulation by Calcium of Protein Synthesis in the Presynaptic Nerve Endings of the Squid Brain; J.C. Benech, et al. Index.
When we began to organize the workshop "Calcium and Cellular Metabolism: Transport and Regulation" the goal we had in mind was to put together the knowledge of 2 several specialists on Ca + homeostasis, with various examples of cellular metabolisms 2 2 (such as protein synthesis), regulated by Ca + ions. Regarding the homeostasis of Ca + ions, we invited Ernesto Carafoli to write the first chapter as a general state-of-the-art introductory review. On the other hand, the other chapters are the contribution of different specialists on membrane calcium transport mechanisms, aiming to reunite at least in part the wide field of calcium homeostasis. We roughly try to group chapters that share similar subjects. The first group of chapters (Chapters 2 to 6), are mainly related to calcium channels. Thus, Chapter 2 by Rodolfo Llimis et a!. describes a new concept related to the dimen sions of the calcium action domain at the inner mouth of calcium channels in the squid gi ant synapse and its relationship to neurotransmitter release. Chapter 3 by Martin Morad et a!. informs us about new ways of identifying and measuring, by confocal microscopy, in dividual sites where calcium release occurs in ventricular myocytes. In the same group Osvaldo Uchitel and Eleonora Katz classify and evaluate the variety of calcium channels at the neuromuscular junction, in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 by Gustavo Brum et a!.