Biotechnology and Bioactive Polymers
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Biotechnology and Bioactive Polymers

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Charles E. Carraher Jr.
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Polysaccharide Applications: Factors Affecting the Bacterial Activity of Saccharides and Polysaccharides Modified through Reaction with Organostannanes (C.E. Carraher et al.). Coagulation Properties of Chemically Modified Heparins (A.W. Stemberger et al.). Polypeptides and Biodegradable Polymers: Living Polymerization of Proteins (S. Dirlikov). Modulation of Phosphocholine Bilayer Structures (A. Singh et al.). Medical Diagnositic Applications:NonAqueous Polymeric Systems for Diagnositic Applications (A.F. Azhar et al.). Protein Purification by Selective Adsorption on Immobilized Pyridinium Ligands (T.T. Ngo). Controlled Release and Medicinal Applications: Advances in Antimicrobial Polymers and Materials (T.L. Vigo). The Release of 5Fluorouracil from Dextran and Xylan Systems (C.G. Gebelein et al.). 23 additional articles. Index.
Some have predicted that the coming several decades will be the decades of "biotechnology," wherein cancer, birth defects, life span increases, cosmetics, biodegradation, oil spills and exploration, solid waste disposal, and almost every aspect of our material life will be affected by this new area of science. There will also be an extension of emphasis on giant molecules: DNA, enzymes, polysaccharides, lignins, proteins, hemoglobin, and many others. Biotechnology has been defined in various ways. In one sense, this field is older than human history and references to the human use of biotechnology-derived materials can be found in the oldest human writings, such as the Bible. In this book, biotechnology refers to the direct usage of naturally occurring materials or their uses as a feedstock, including the associated biological activities and applications of these materials. Bioactive polymers, on the other hand, are polymers which exert some type of activity on living organisms. These polymers are used in agriculture, controlled release systems, medicine and many other areas. The papers in this book describe polymers which essentially combine features of biotechnology and bioactivity.