Security Education and Critical Infrastructures
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Security Education and Critical Infrastructures

IFIP TC11 / WG11.8 Third Annual World Conference on Information Security Education (WISE3) June 26-28, 2003, Monterey, California, USA
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Helen Armstrong
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Contributing Authors. Preface. Acknowledgments. Cyber Security as an Emergent Infrastructure; D.E. Denning. Teaching Network Security Through Live Exercises; G. Vigna. Information Warfare in the Trenches; S.D. Lathrop, G.J. Conti, D.J. Ragsdale. Changes in the Profile of Security Managers; T. Virtanen. A Tutoring System for IT Security; Ji Hu, M. Schmitt, C. Willems, C. Meinel. Design of a Laboratory for Information Security Education; V. Anantapadmanabhan, P. Frankl, N. Memon, G. Naumovich. Integrating Information Security and Intelligence Courses; W. Hutchinson. Internet Security Management; H.L. Armstrong. Information Security Fundamentals; P. Oscarson. Australia's Agenda for E-Security Education and Research; M.J. Warren. Is Security a Great Principle of Computing? P.J. Denning. IT Security Readiness in Developing Countries; R. Casmir, L. Yngström. A Program for Education in Certification and Accreditation; C.W. Rasmussen, C.E. Irvine, G.W. Dinolt, T.E. Levin, K.L. Burke. Mastering Computer Forensics; C.J. Armstrong. Assembling Competitive Intelligence Using Classroom Scenarios; H.L. Armstrong, J. Davey. Panel: Teaching Undergraduate Information Assurance; M. Bishop. Panel: Teaching Undergraduate Information Assurance; R. Vaughn. Panel: Teaching Undergraduate Information Assurance in Russia; A. Maljuk, N. Miloslavskaia, A. Tolstoi. Outcomes-based Assessment as an Assurance Education Tool; S. Older, Shiu-Kai Chin. Evaluation Theory and Practice as Applied to Security Education; M.J. Dark. Ten Years of Information Security Masters Programmes; C. Ciechanowicz, K.M. Martin, F.C. Piper, M.J.B. Robshaw. Network Security Scientific and Research Laboratory; N. Miloslavskaia, A. Tolstoi. A Comprehensive Undergraduate InformationAssurance Program; G. Conti, J. Hill, S. Lathrop, K. Alford, D. Ragsdale. Training the Cyber Warrior; J.D. Fulp. Security Education for Times of Netwar and Peace; J. Dockal. Improving Security Awareness Through Computer-based Training; S.M. Furnell, A.G. Warren, P.S. Dowland. Identification and Integration of Information Security Topics; J. Brown. A Dedicated Undergraduate Track in Computer Security Education; S. Azadegan, M. Lavine, M. O'Leary, A. Wijesinha, M. Zimand. Index of Keywords.
Security Education and Critical Infrastructures presents the most recent developments in research and practice on teaching information security, and covers topics including: -Curriculum design;
-Laboratory systems and exercises;
-Security education program assessment;
-Distance learning and web-based teaching of security;
-Teaching computer forensics;
-Laboratory-based system defense games;
-Security education tools;
-Education in security policies, management and system certification;
-Case studies.