Network Control and Engineering for QoS, Security and Mobility
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Network Control and Engineering for QoS, Security and Mobility

IFIP TC6 / WG6.2 & WG6.7 Conference on Network Control and Engineering for QoS, Security and Mobility (Net-Con 2002) October 23-25, 2002, Paris, France
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Nadia Boukhatem
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Preface. Policy And Mobility. Policy Based Access Router Selections And Context Transfers In Mobile IP Networks; R. Gopal L., Man Li. Policy Based Management Of Wireless Network; R. State, G. Vivier. Multi-Domain Policy Architecture For IP Multimedia Subsystem In UMTS; Wei Zhuang, Yung Sze Gan, Qing Gao, Kok Jeng Loh, Kee Chaing Chua. A New Policy-Aware Terminal; H. Chaouchi. Policy And VPN. Implementing A VPN Service With Policy Rules; H. Abdelkrim, N. Verhoeven. Adaptive Segment Path Restoration (ASPR) In MPLS Networks; Song Dong, C. Phillips. A Policy Information Model For RFC2547-Like IP Vpns; A. Gonguet, O. Poupel. Security. Security And Resource Policy-Based Management Architecture For ALAN Servers; T. Olukemi, I. Liabotis, O. Prnjat, L. Sacks. An EAP-BT Smartcard For Authentication In The Next Generation Of Wireless Communications; M. Loutrel, P. Urien, D. Gaïti. A Policy-Based Approach To Firewall Management; F. Caldeira, E. Monteiro. Active Networks. Policy-Based Management With Active Networks; K.L. Eddie Law, Kason Wong. Deployment And Experimentation Of An Active Network At A :Large Scale: AMARRAGE; R. Hammi, P. Sathis, D. Zebiane, K. Chen, A. Serhrouchni, K.L. Thai. Robust Implementation Of Policies Using Ant-Like Agents; O. Wittner, B.E. Helvik. Agents: A Solution For Telecommunication Network Simulation; L. Merghem, H. Lecarpentier. Policy And Performance. A Policy-Based Bandwidth Resource Provisioning Rchitecture; D. Chieng, A. Marshall. Policy-Based Service Level Negotiation With COPS-SLS; Nguyen Thi Mai Trang, N. Boukhatem. Performance Of A Multi-Tiered Policy-Based Management System; K.L. Eddie Law, A. Saxena. A Simple Performance PolicyManagement Environment; J. Farias Fidalgo, D. Fawzi Hadj Sadok, J. Kelner, R. Do Nascimento Fidalgo. Policy And Services. A Distributed Policy Approach In Support Of Multimedia Session Establishment; H.Syed Mahmood, L.N. Hamer. A Dynamic Control System For Adjusting Prices And Quality Of Service In DS Enabled Networks; K. Pulakka. The Design And Implementation Of Policy-Based Bandwidth Billing System; Chao-Chin Chou, Nen-Fu Huang, Chao-Ping Yu, Li-Hsing Huang. Posters 1. Traffic Engineering. Traffic Engineering and DiffServ. Posters 2. Traffic Engineering and TCP.
Service and network providers must be able to satisfy the demands for new services; improve the quality of service; reduce the cost of network service operations and maintenance; control performance; and adapt to user demands. It is essential to investigate different approaches for performing such tasks. One of these approaches is based on policies and the capability of the network to adapt itself to current conditions. With a focus on policy-based networking, this volume addresses the problem of network control and the introduction of policies such as the control of the Quality of Service, security, mobility, performance, mobile and intelligent agents, and traffic engineering.
The area of control in networks through policies promises to provide stimulating challenges for years to come. This book is an attempt to answer questions and provide some direction about the best approaches to be followed.
This volume contains the proceedings of the first International Conference on NETwork CONtrol and Engineering (NETCON) for Quality of Service, Security and Mobility, which was sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), and organized by IFIP TC6 Working Group 6.7 (Smart Networks). The conference convened in Paris, France in October 2002.