Sales Genius
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Sales Genius

40 Insigths from the Science of Selling
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Graham Jones
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If you only read one book on sales, read this oneSales Genius picks out the 40 most important ideas on selling that everyone in sales should know, describes the research, and shows you how to take advantage of it so you can sell more effectively, every time.
Sales is an area surrounded by myths and received wisdom. But it doesn't have to be this way. This new 'Science of Success' title brings together forty proven pieces of research in one place, and shows how you can implement them to achieve success.
The fast-track MBA in sales
Imagine having instant access to the world's smartest thinking on sales - and being shown exactly what to do to guarantee that you get your own selling right, every time.

Sales Genius makes it easy to apply what researchers know about brilliant selling to the real world. 40 chapters based on hundreds of cutting-edge business and psychology research projects reveal what works and what doesn't work in sales. Each of the 40 chapters is a mini-masterclass in selling, explaining the research and showing you how to apply it for yourself.

In Sales, conventional wisdom often says one thing while research says another. Sales Genius cuts through the noise to bring you proven research and techniques for applying it that will simply make you a better salesperson.

Quick to read and intensely practical, this book will bring a little sales genius into your day.

'Fascinating insights that explode some of the myths around sales, sales management and sales strategy' Phil Jesson, Academy for Chief Executives

'What a great read... An insightful look at the world of sales' Anthony Stears, The Telephone Assassin

'As a sales specialist I'm impressed by the amount of detailed research which supports the information in each chapter' Andrew Docker, Andrew Docker Associates