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And God Spoke

The Authority of the Bible for the Church Today
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Christopher Bryan
Cowley Publications
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Part 1 Prologue: Making Decisions in the ChurchPart 2 Part I: What Do We Believe?Chapter 3 Interpreting the BibleChapter 4 The Church as Witness and Keeper of the BibleChapter 5 The Bible as RevelationChapter 6 The Bible as TextChapter 7 The Bible as a Book of MeetingChapter 8 The Bible as the Word of GodChapter 9 The Bible as InspiredChapter 10 The Bible as CanonChapter 11 The Bible as AuthoritativePart 12 What Should We Do?Chapter 13 Listening to the BibleChapter 14 Studying the BibleChapter 15 Making Decisions in the Light of the BiblePart 16 Four Notes
His reflections on some of the ways we might answer these questions in the church today became the twelve short chapters of this book. Here scripture scholar and Anglican priest Christopher Bryan looks at the nature of the Bible's authority and inspiration and how the Bible can inform our decision-making today. He explores common questions about scripture, such as: What do we mean when we say that the scriptures are revelatory, that they are inspired, that they are the Word of God? How do we define the Bible's authority for the past and the future? What does a church that takes the Bible's authority seriously actually look like? How does it read, study, and pray with the Bible?And God Spoke offers essential guidelines for everyone who wonders about the authority of the Bible, and who wants to read it with attentiveness and understanding.