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Going Home

An Invitation to Jubilee
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Frank T. Griswold
Cowley Publications
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Part 1 Foreword by Nancy RothChapter 2 The Year of the Lord's FavorChapter 3 Going HomeChapter 4 In the WildernessChapter 5 Grace Upon GraceChapter 6 Be Not AfraidChapter 7 A Compassionate HeartChapter 8 A School for the Lord's ServiceChapter 9 Now I SeeChapter 10 Go Forth in My Name
"The concept of jubilee has its roots," notes Nancy Roth in her foreword, "in the idea of sabbath-a time of 're-creation, reordering, and release.' We discover that sabbath first in our own prayer, as our hearts are re-created, reordered, and released from those things which bind us."In these meditations on the themes of jubilee Frank T. Griswold offers fresh insight into how this ancient practice can be the catalyst for renewal today. The jubilee year was intended to be a time of "going home," a time of redemption and release for those in financial or social bondage, a time of replenishment for the land and the people who ate of its fruits. How might the concept of a jubilee "homecoming" and recreation of a just society be lived in our own day? And how might we as a church and as individuals make such changes possible?"The year of the Lord's favor," writes Bishop Griswold, "is a season of unfoldment in which God's blessing, compassion, and justice are unleashed, not from some remote heaven but from within the human heart-from within our own hearts-as we find ourselves stretched and cracked open by God's own joy and desire for our full flourishing."Going Home is one of our series of Cowley Cloister Books: smaller format, gift edition books designed for meditative and devotional reading.