Intelligent Technologies and Engineering Systems
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Intelligent Technologies and Engineering Systems

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Jengnan Juang
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234, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

Discusses wireless communications, microwave communications,
and laser technology
Examines precision motion control and morphing mechanisms
Covers multimedia systems and applications, computer vision, and image & video signal processing, and artificial intelligence
Wireless Sphygmomanometer with Data Encryption.- Design and Implementation of Multimedia Social Services on Elgg.- On Migration and Consolidation of VMs in Hybrid CPU-GPU Environments.- A Case of Security Encryption Storage System Based on SAN Environments.- Applying General Probabilistic Neural Network to Adaptive Measurement Fusion.- Reorder Adapting TCP.- A Novel and Feasible System for Rule Anomaly and Behavior Mismatching Diagnosis among Firewalls.- A Secure Routing Protocol to Prevent Co-operative Black Hole Attack in MANET.- IP Address Management in Virtualized Cloud Environments.- A Fuzzy C-Means Method for Determining Motor's Quality Types Based on Current Waveforms.- License Plate Recognition Based on Rough Set.- Electroencephalogram Lifting Recognition Using Unsupervised Gray-Based Competitive Clustering Networks.- Adapting intensity degradation to enhance fisheye images shot inside cup-shaped objects.- A Method to Implementation of Lane Detection under Android System Based on OpenCV.- Automatic Broadcast Soccer Video Analysis, Player Detection and Tracking Based on Color Histogram.- Conversion of 3D Triangular-Meshed Model to Dot Representation.- Image retrieval system base on EMD similarity measure and S-tree.- Tri-axis Accelerometer based body motion detection system.- On Mapping the Sorted-Set Intersection Problem onto a Graphics Processing Unit.- A Novel Double Dynamic Stress Accelerated Degradation Test to Evaluate Power Fade of Batteries for Electric Vehicles.- The Development of Estimating Deviations Directly from Point Clouds.- Using Modified Digital Halftoning Technique to Design Invisible 2D Barcode by Infrared Detection.- Color Visual Evoked Potential Response for Myopia Subjects.- License Plate Recognition Under NonUniform Illumination.- A Cross-Coupled MIMO Fuel Cell System Design by Using Intelligent Fuzzy-Neural Controller.- The Development of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation and Approaching Degree Toolbox via Matlab.- Deploying autonomous coordinating agent for assessment model in smart urban space: A case study of cozy space design pattern.- Quantum-Membership-Function-Based Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System.- A Set-Checking Algorithm for Mining Maximal Frequent Itemsets from Data Streams.- Parallel Matrix Transposition and Vector Multiplication Using OpenMP.- Designing Parallel Sparse Matrix Transposition Algorithm Using CSR for GPUs.- Analysis of USDA Food Classifications using Neural Network Classifier.- Optimization Path Programming Using Improved Multi-Group Ant Colony Algorithms.- Conceptual Information Retrieval System based on automatically constructed Semantic Word Network.- An Intelligence-Based Approach to Optimal Power Flow Control Considering Flexible AC Transmission Systems.- Modern Heuristic Optimization Approaches for Electrical Power System Applications.- A New Product Design Process - Combining the System Model and VRTC.- The Study of Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor Control System through the Combination of BP Neural Network and PID Control.- Power Compensation Methodology for Electric Vehicles.- Model-Based Robust Control for Nonlinear Networked Control Systems.- Control Strategies Development for a Series Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle Based on Engine Experimental Map.- Japanese Calligraphy Using Whole Body Motion of a Humanoid Robot.- Design and Experiment of the Auto-Alignment Control System for TPS Storage Ring Girder.- A Proposed System for Practicing Industrial Robot Remotely.- An Intelligent Sensorless Drive Strategy for a Brushless DC Motor Based on Back-EMF Detection.- Establishment of the Photovoltaic Simulation System using Mixed Programming with LabVIEW and Simulink.- Implementation of Fuzzy Force Control for an Electro-Hydraulic Servo Press System.- Sizing Cloud Applications with ISO/IEC 19761: A case study.- Development of a Fuzzy-Control-Based Battery Charging Technique for Li-ion Battery Module for Light Electrical Vehicles.- Low-cost and High Speed Eye Tracker
This book concentrates on intelligent technologies as it relates to engineering systems. The book covers the following topics: networking, signal processing, artificial intelligence, control and software engineering, intelligent electronic circuits and systems, communications, and materials and mechanical engineering. The book is a collection of original papers that have been reviewed by technical editors. These papers were presented at the International Conference on Intelligent Technologies and Engineering Systems, held Dec. 13-15, 2012.