Gender Roles in Immigrant Families
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Gender Roles in Immigrant Families

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Susan S. Chuang
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This book makes use of new conceptual and methodological tools to place gender at the forefront of research on the lives of immigrant families, investigating the impact of its interplay with parental roles, parentchild relationships and child outcomes.
Current Perspectives on Gender Roles and Relationships in Immigrant Families.- Coparenting in Latino Families.- Roles and Responsibilities: A Critical Exploration of Chinese Fathers in Canada and China.- Understanding Structure and Culture in the Division of Household Labor for.- Mexican Immigrant Families.-Social Support in the Lives of Sudanese Refugee and Russian Immigrant Fathers in Canada.- Latino Adolescents' Understandings of Parent-Adolescent Relationships: Common Themes and Subtle Differences.- Communication Brokering in Immigrant Families: Avenues for New Research.- Fathers' and Mothers' Perceptions of their Children's Psychosocial Behaviors in Mexican Immigrant Families.- Gendered Conceptions of Ethnicity: Latino Children in Middle Childhood.-Family, Culture, Gender and Mexican American Adolescents' Academic Success.- Gender and Developmental Pathways of Acculturation and Adaptation in Immigrant Adolescents.- Gender and Immigration: Past Advances and Future Directions in Research and Policy.
Researchers recognize that theoretical frameworks and models of child development and family dynamics have historically overlooked the ways in which developmental processes are shaped by socio-cultural contexts. Ecological and acculturation frameworks are especially central to understanding the experiences of immigrant populations, and current research has yielded new conceptual and methodological tools for documenting the cultural and developmental processes of children and their families. Within this broad arena, a question of central importance is on how gender roles in immigrant families play out in the lives of children and families. Gender Roles in Immigrant Families places gender at the forefront of the research by investigating how it interplays with parental roles, parent-child relationships, and child outcomes.