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Positive Neuropsychology

Positive Neuropsychology

Evidence-Based Perspectives on Promoting Cognitive Health
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1. What is Positive Neuropsychology (PNP)? .- 2. Understanding Neurological Patients with Positive Outcomes.- 3. Coping With and Compensating for Neurological Conditions.- 4. Lifestyle Factors and Prevention Efforts Related to Cognitive Health.- 5. The Study of Normal and Above Normal Cognitive Functioning.- 6. The Important Role of Executive Abilities on Cognitive Health and Daily Functioning.- 7. Public Education in Psychology and Neuropsychology.- 8. Applications of Positive Neuropsychology in Clinical Settings.- 9. Applications of Positive Neuropsychology in Non-Clinical Settings.- 10. Future Directions for Positive Neuropsychology to Prosper.
Psychology and many of its subfields have seen a significant shift over the past 10-12 years toward a focus on hope, positive attributes, and character strengths through the positive psychology movement. This book provides a blueprint for a burgeoning subfield in neuropsychology-positive neuropsychology. It proposes an alternative, evidence-based perspective on neuropsychology that incorporates positive psychology principles and a focus on promotion of cognitive health. It synthesizes existing research and provides novel perspectives on promotion of cognitive health in clinical, nonclinical, and academic settings. This work is a resource and reference for neuropsychologists, allied professionals, and students who see the critical role neuropsychologists can play in maintaining, promoting, and being mindful of cognitive health.

Neuropsychologists, health psychologists, geriatricians, rehabilitation specialists, clinical psychologists

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Autor: John J. Randolph
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ISBN: 1461466040
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Autor: John J. Randolph
ISBN-13:: 9781461466048
ISBN: 1461466040
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Verlag: Springer New York
Gewicht: 455g
Seiten: 192
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