Arthroscopic Laser Surgery
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Arthroscopic Laser Surgery

Clinical Applications
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Allen T. Brillhart
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1 History of Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 2 Introduction to the Basic Science of Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 3 Quantification of Energy Delivery for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 4 Surgeon's Evaluation of the Ablation Efficiency of Arthroscopic Laser Systems.- 5 Laser Meniscectomy: Wavelength Analysis by the Spectrophotometer.- 6 Thermal Effects of Infrared Laser Systems.- 7 Effects of Laser Energy on Diarthrodial Joint Tissues: Articular Cartilage and Synovial Cell Metabolism.- 8 Fibrocartilaginous Repair Following 2.1 ?m Holmium:YAG Laser Irradiation of Human Degenerative Hyaline Cartilage: Case Report.- 9 Arthroscopic Laser Chondroplasty.- 10 Tissue Repair Using Lasers: Arthroscopic Applications.- 11 Indications for Arthroscopic Laser Systems Use.- 12 Potential Hazards of Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 13 Safety and Institutional Controls.- 14 Technical Problems of First Generation Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 15 Arthroscopic Laser Surgery Using the Coherent VersaPulse(TM) Select Holmium Laser.- 16 Eclipse 3200 2.1 ?m HolmiumiYAG Laser System for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 17 Laser Photonics ML210 Holmium Surgical Laser System for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 18 Luxar 10.6 ?m CO2 LX-20 Laser and Luxar Extend Systems for Adaptation to Other 10.6 ?m CO2 Lasers for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 19 Premier 10.6 ?m CO2 Laser for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 20 Sharplan 10.6 ?m CO2 Lasers and Waveguides for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 21 Sharplan High Power 1.06 ?m Neodymium:YAG Lasers and SharpLase Contact Fibers for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 22 Sunrise sLASE 210 Surgical Holmium:YAG Laser for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 23 Surgical Laser Technologies' Contact ArthroProbe(TM) and the SLT Contact(TM) 1.06 ?m Neodymium:YAG Laser Systems for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 24 Trimedyne OmniPulse 2.1 ?m Holmium:YAG Laser for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 25 Zeiss OPMILAS 144 Surgical Lasers for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 26 Overview of Arthroscopic Laser Surgery in Europe.- 27 Overview of Current Laser Use in Orthopaedics in the United States.- 28 1.06 ?m Neodymium:YAG Contact Arthroscopic Laser Surgery: 61 Cases.- 29 1.44 ?m Neodymium:YAG Arthroscopic Laser Surgery: Initial Impressions.- 30 10.6 ?m CO2 Arthroscopic Laser Surgery of the Knee: Practical and Useful Applications.- 31 10.6 ?m CO2 Laser Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release.- 32 Ambient Air Arthroscopic Laser Surgery Using the 10.6 ?m CO2 Laser.- 33 10.6 ?m CO2 Arthroscopic Laser Surgery: 1222 Cases.- 34 0.308 ?m Excimer Laser for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- 35 2.1 ?m Holmium:YAG Laser for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery of the Knee.- 36 2.1 ?m Holmium:YAG Arthroscopic Laser Surgery of the Ankle.- 37 2.1 ?m Holmium:YAG Arthroscopic Laser Surgery of the Shoulder.- 38 2.1 ?m Holmium:YAG Arthroscopic Laser Partial Meniscectomy in Athletes: 100 Cases.- 39 2.1 ?m Holmium:YAG Arthroscopic Laser Partial Meniscectomy: 226 Cases.- 40 2.1 ?m Holmium:YAG Laser Arthroscopic Laser Débridement of Degenerative Knees: 148 Cases.- 41 2.1 ?m Holmium:YAG Arthroscopic Laser Chondroplasty: 262 Cases.- 42 2.1 ?m Holmium:YAG Arthroscopic Laser Surgery: Prospective Report of 100 Cases.- 43 Use of the 2.1 ?m Holmium: YAG Laser in Arthroscopic Temporomandibular Joint Surgery.- 44 Future of Arthroscopic Laser Surgery.- Appendices.
Arthroscopic Laser Surgery: Clinical Applications is designed to introduce the use of lasers to the orthopaedic surgeon who performs arthroscopic surgery and is the first text of its kind entirely devoted to the unification of these two exciting technologies. This groundbreaking work examines the following subjects: - the basic sciences of laser arthroscopy as well as the history of its development - techniques for arthroscopic laser applications in the knee, for carpal tunnel release, ankle, shoulder, and much more - practical, clinical guidelines on its advantages, disadvantages, and complications - technical overview of the laser systems currently in use in the United States and worldwide - important safety measures and administrative issues - glossary of terms and reference sources.
Each chapter is written by an arthroscopic laser surgeon distinguished in both his knowledge of the topic addressed as well as by his expertise with that specific laser arthroscopic system. Over 120 full-color illustrations enhance the presentation. The definitive text of arthroscopic laser surgery applications and technique, this volume is a must-have information source for all orthopaedic surgeons.