Experimental Innovations in Surface Science
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Experimental Innovations in Surface Science

A Guide to Practical Laboratory Methods and Instruments
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John T. Yates
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This is a source book of "tricks of the trade" of surface science, containing descriptions (with at least one illustration for each) of hundreds of techniques, methods, instruments, and tools in common use in surface science--including physics, chemistry, and engineering. Covering all the basic methods of surface science (but omitting current areas of research such as the various scanning miscroscopies), the book serves as a useful reference to new and established researchers.
I. Vacuum System Technology.- A. Motion in Vacuum.- 1. Crystal Manipulator with Six Degrees of Motional Freedom.- 2. Rotation in Ultrahigh Vacuum.- 3. Crystal Positioning Using Capacitance.- 4. UHV Rotary Manipulator with Arcsec Resolution.- 5. Solenoid Driven Linear Motion Device.- 6. An Inexpensive Linear Motion Device.- 7. Translating Auger Spectrometer.- 8. Simple Multiple Motion Manipulator.- 9. Simple Device for Small Rotations in Ultrahigh Vacuum-Grating Application.- 10. Turntable Rotation in Ultrahigh Vacuum.- 11. Small Motions in UHV Systems Using Shape Memory Effect Alloys.- 12. Rotary Shutter Device Driven by Magnetic Eddy Current.- 13. High-Speed Ultrahigh Vacuum Motor.- 14. High-Speed Rotary Feedthrough for UHV Operation.- 15. Self-Lubricating Bearings in UHV.- 16. Lubrication for Heavy Sliding Loads in Ultrahigh Vacuum.- 17. Simple UHV Bearings for High-Speed Shafts.- 18. Flange-Mounted UHV Variable Aperture.- 19. Linear Motion Platform (LMP).- 20. Thermally Compensated STM with Repeatable Sample Positioning.- B. Sample Transfer.- 21. Sample Transfer from High Pressure to Ultrahigh Vacuum.- 22. Novel Sample Transfer from UHV Chamber to External Cell.- 23. UHV Sample Transfer Device with Low-Temperature Capability.- 24. Internal Cup High-Pressure Cell.- 25. High-Pressure Transfer Cell.- 26. Sample Transfer with Disconnect-I.- 27. Sample Transfer with Disconnect-II.- 28. UHV Access Port.- C. Electrical Connections.- 29. Tungsten Ribbon-Attachment to Power Leads.- 30. Wrap Connection-Tungsten to Tungsten.- 31. Cold-Formed Wire Connector.- 32. Ultrahigh Resistance Vacuum Feedthroughs.- 33. Sliding Metal Electrical Contact.- 34. Low-Profile Electrical Lead Clamp.- D. Pumping and Trapping.- 35. Water Aspirator/Sorption Pump Combination for Efficient UHV System Evacuation.- 36. Ballast Pumping-Vibration Free.- 37. The Use of Appendage Titanium Sublimation Pumps for Pumping Low Gas Loads in Ultrahigh Vacuum.- 38. Pressure-Equalizing Device in Complex Systems.- 39. Diode Ion Pump Performance in He Pumping.- 40. Vacuum Applications of Metal Foams.- 41. Cleaning of Ion Pumps by Chemical Etching.- 42. An Efficient Liquid Nitrogen Trap.- E. Bakeout.- 43. Bakeout of Metal Ultrahigh Vacuum Systems.- F. Behavior of UHV Systems.- 44. Wall Passivation in Stainless Steel Ultrahigh Vacuum Systems.- 45. Minimizing Wall Reactions in Ultrahigh Vacuum Systems-Gas Dosers.- G. Mechanical Action on Samples.- 46. Simple UHV Crystal Cleaver.- 47. Piezoelectric Fatigue Apparatus for UHV Operation.- H. Gasket Seals.- 48. Gasket Seals for Ultrahigh Vacuum Systems.- 49. Cryogenic Gasket Seals.- 50. Copper Gasket Removal Devices.- 51. Unconventional Compression Seals for Ultrahigh Vacuum.- I. Leak Repairs and Detection.- 52. Coaxial Pumped He Leak Detection Probe.- 53. Temporary Leak Sealing of Welded Bellows.- 54. Atmospheric Permeation-Viton O-Ring.- J. Specialized UHV Systems.- 55. Aluminum Ultrahigh Vacuum System.- 56. Surface Electrochemistry Apparatus.- II Mechanical Fabrication Techniques.- A. Grids.- 57. Hemispherical Grids-Formation and Piercing.- 58. Making Flat Mesh Grids of Large Size.- 59. Grid Fabrication Techniques-Conical Grid.- B. Conductive Coatings.- 60. Deposition of Electrically Conductive SnO2 Films.- C. Phosphor Screens.- 61. Sedimentation Method for Depositing Phosphor Screens.- 62. Dusting Method for Coating Phosphor Screens.- D. Thermionic Emitters.- 63. Thoriated Thermionic Emitters.- 64. Lanthanum Hexaboride Thermionic Emitters-Deposition on Metals.- 65. Directly Heated Lathanum Hexaboride Thermionic Emitters.- 66. Thermionic Emitter Mounting.- 67. Indirectly Heated Cathodes for High-Temperature Operation.- 68. Replacing Filaments in Glass Bayard-Alpert Gauges.- E. Shielding.- 69. Magnetic Shielding in Ultrahigh Vacuum.- 70. Electrical Isolation of UHV Components.- F. Single Crystal Fabrication/Orientation.- 71. Single Crystal Orientation, Grinding, and Polishing.- 72. A Simple Goniometer for Cutting Single Crysta
Providing the "tricks of the trade" in surface science, this book describes hundreds of techniques, methods, instruments, and tools in common use from the worlds of physics, chemistry, and engineering. The methods are arranged in topical groupings for easy reference, and each is described succinctly, with a clear sketch of the apparatus involved. Covering all the basic methods of surface science, this source book will serve not only as a useful reference to those just starting on experimental research in surface science, but also as a "vade mecum" for established researchers.