What the Bible Says about the Heavenly Messengers: The Angels - A 21st Century Angelos (Messenger) for God
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What the Bible Says about the Heavenly Messengers: The Angels - A 21st Century Angelos (Messenger) for God

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Finis Jay Caldwell Jr
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229x152x24 mm

This fascinating book is filled with humor, history, hair-raising suspense and intrigue, political harassment, and efforts on the part of both God and His angels and His earthly creatures, humanity, to be a blessing to each one's fellows and an honor to the Church on earth and the Church in heaven. All of the individuals dealt with were either heart-convicted, healed of the blight of sinfulness and headed for heavenly bliss eternally with the saints terrestrial and the holy ones (angels) celestial, or destined for an eternity in the lake of fire and brimstone, the second death. Both groups combined comprise a significant representation of the outstanding characters of the Bible, the good and the evil.
Both camps testify consistently to the genuineness and realism of the angels, from Genesis through Revelation. Both groups confirm the significant influences of the heavenly messengers, the angels, from eternity before creation to eternity beyond the end of earthly time.
The Holy Bible tells its story of God's holy heavenly messengers, the angels, from sea to shining sea and from earthly shore to eternal shore.
Blessed be the one that reads, and they that hath ears, let them hear appreciatively what the Bible says about the heavenly messengers, the angels.
An earlier book was produced in 2008, entitled Dr. David Caldwell: An 18th Century Flame for Christ. It tells some of the background story of the American Religious Restoration
Movement, 1730-1860, emphasizing the significant little-known influences of Dr. David Caldwell on restoration leader Barton W. Stone.
"The book can be used valuably as a supplement for courses on the Stone-Campbell
Restoration Movement. Its greatest strength is the author's impressive use of many period sources from scattered locations." -James S. O'Brian, review of Dr. David Caldwell: An 18th Century Flame for Christ, by Finis Jay Caldwell, Stone-Campbell Journal 14, no. 1 (Spring 2011): 89-90.

Finis Jay Caldwell Jr. was born in 1936 in southeast Missouri, reared in genuine North Carolinian tradition and culture, and educated through Harding University at Searcy, Arkansas. He has been married to his college sweetheart, Marilyn Lee Beal, since 1957. The Caldwells have been blessed with six children.
Now semi-retired in Kennett, Missouri, the Caldwells ministered for churches in Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas and Tennessee. They also did mission work in Canada, New Zealand, and Albania. Mr. Caldwell has made five trips to the Holy Land as well as travels in many of the nations surrounding the Mediterranean. One summer was spent doing archaeological work as part of his studies at the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem.
Finis Jay Caldwell Jr. has earned a bachelor's degree, an MRE degree, an MA degree, and an MTH degree; he also accumulated some fifty hours toward a doctoral degree while at Baylor University (1968) and several other schools.