The Christian Story: Past, Present and Future: A Short Guide for Young Adults
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The Christian Story: Past, Present and Future: A Short Guide for Young Adults

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Peter J. Thompson
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The guide is a refreshingly different account of the Christian story and is ideally suited to young adults. It covers the main Christian events succinctly and links them in a way that makes the story come alive. The scope of the guide is comprehensive. It begins with a review of pre-Christian beliefs and what the ordinary people at the time of Jesus knew and understood. It ends with a review of what Christians believe today and some of the issues that are likely to be discussed in the next millennium. An introduction to the orthodox Christian story is given together with some contemporary interpretations of key events in the life of Jesus Christ. The guide endeavours to put the reader in a better position to form and evaluate his or her own beliefs. In the modern world, true and enduring faith can only be found through a sound understanding of the Christian story. Events and happenings that led those in the early Church to believe Jesus Christ was divine and the steps the Apostles took to spread the Gospel far and wide are explained. The formation of the Roman Catholic Church and its development are investigated, together with the ways the Reformation changed the direction of the Christian story. The more recent impact of science and social changes is also considered. An overview of the Church today helps the reader to understand the current structure and practices within the Church. The guide explains how different Christian denominations were taken to all parts of the world at the end of the medieval period. Finally, issues such as the nature of God and his kingdom, gender, and wealth in the context of today's Christian world are introduced so that the reader may be in a better position to take part in contemporary debate.