Innovations in Digital Research Methods
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Innovations in Digital Research Methods

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An exciting new introduction to digital social research tools and methods, this book helps readers to manage the huge amounts of data available, and feel confident if they are attempting this sort of research for the first time.
Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview - Peter Halfpenny and Rob ProctorChapter 2: The Changing Social Data Landscape - Kingsley Purdam and Mark ElliotChapter 3: Exploiting New Sources of Data - Kingsley Purdam and Mark ElliotChapter 4: Survey Methods: Challenges and Opportunities - Joe MurphyChapter 5: Advances in Data Management for Social Survey - Paul S. LambertChapter 6: Modelling and Simulation - Mark Birkin and Nick MallesonChapter 7: Contemporary developments in statistical software for social scientists - Paul S. Lambert, William J. Browne and Danius T. MichaelidesChapter 8: Text Mining and Social Media: When Quantitative Meets Qualitative, and Software Meets People - Lawrence Ampofo, Simon Collister, Ben O'Loughlin and Andrew ChadwickChapter 9: Digital Records and the Digital Replay System - Andy Crabtree, Paul Tennent, Pat Brundell and Dawn KnightChapter 10: Social Network Analysis - Robert Ackland and Jonathan ZhuChapter 11: Visualising Spatial Data and Social Media - Michael Batty, Steven Gray, Andrew Hudson-Smith, Richard Milton, Oliver O'Brien and Flora RoumpaniChapter 12: Ethical Praxis in e-Research - R.J. Anderson and Marina JirotkaChapter 13: Sociology and the Digital Challenge - Mike Savage
This vibrant introduction to innovative digital research methods is essential reading for anyone conducting social research today.