Educational Leadership
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Educational Leadership

Context, Strategy and Collaboration
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Published in Association with The Open University

Authoritative collection from the Open University team.
PART ONE: LEADERSHIP THEORIES AND VALUESAn overview of the leadership discourses - Simon WesternFrom successful school leadership towards distributed leadership - Lejf MoosThe nature and specialised purposes of educational leadership - Paul T. BegleyEmotional intelligence, emotional labour and affective leadership - Sam Held and Judy McKimmPART TWO: STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP AND MANAGING CHANGEConcepts of leadership in organisational change - Gill Robinson Hickman The nature and dimensions of strategic leadership - Brent Davies and Barbara J. DaviesThe strategy lenses - Gerry Johnson, Kevan Scholes and Richard WhittingtonThe practice of leadership in the messy world of organisation - Jean-Louis Denis, Ann Langley and Linda RouleauPART THREE: LEADERSHIP IN CONTEXTReframing the role of organisations in policy implementation: resources for practice, in practice - James P. Spillane, Louis M. Gomez and Leigh MeslerContextualising leader dynamics: how public service leaders endeavour to build influence - Mike Wallace and Michael Tomlinson Stories of compliance and subversion in a prescriptive policy environment - John MacBeathEvaluation, accountability and performance measurement in national education systems: trends, methods and issues - Katherine E. Ryan and Irwin Feller 'Blended leadership': employee perspectives on effective leadership in the UK Further Education sector - David Collinson and Margaret CollinsonLeadership for diversity and inclusion - Jacky LumbyPART FOUR: PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABORATIONReconfiguring urban leadership: taking a perspective on community - Kathryn A. Riley Networks as power bases for school improvement - Tessa A. Moore and Michael P. Kelly Inter-professional work and expertise: new roles at the boundaries of schools - Anne Edwards, Ingrid Lunt and Eleni Stamou Approaches to system leadership: lessons learned and policy pointers - Beatriz Pont and David HopkinsPART FIVE: LOOKING TO THE FUTURELeadership, participation and power in the school system - Richard HatcherThe fourth way - Andy Hargreaves and Dennis Shirley
Drawing together current thinking and research by leading writers in the field, this Reader will help you to understand and critically analyse key strategic aspects of educational leadership, including: