Media and Terrorism
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Media and Terrorism

Global Perspectives
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With its topical focus and lucid style, this is a thoroughly international analysis of how terrorism and the war on terror is communicated through a variety of global media outlets. The editors and contributors are all very high profile in the field, and the content is both global and interdisciplinary.
Introduction: Dynamics of Media and Terrorism - Des Freedman and Daya Kishan ThussuPART ONE: CONTEXTSTerror, War and Disjunctures in the Global Order - Lena JayyusiMedia, War and Information Technology - Christian FuchsPublic Diplomacy Versus Terrorism - Philip SeibPropaganda and Terrorism - David Miller and Rizwaan SabirPART TWO: GLOBAL REPRESENTATIONS OF TERRORISMTerrorism and Global Popular Culture - Toby MillerHollywood, the CIA and the 'War on Terror' - Oliver Boyd-Barrett, David Herrera and Jim BaumannTerror, Culture and Anti-Muslim Racism - Gholam Khiabany and Milly WilliamsonPictures and Public Relations in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Greg PhiloPART THREE: TERRORISM ON THE HOME FRONTSouth Asia and the Frontline of the 'War on Terror' - Daya Kishan ThussuCovering Terrorism in Russian Media - Elena Vartanova and Olga SmirnovaWikiLeaks and War Laws - Stig A. Nohrstedt and Rune OttosenTelevision and Immigration in France - Tristan MattelartThe 'War on Terror' in Arab Media - Helga Tawil-SouriPART FOUR: JOURNALISTS AND THE 'WAR ON TERROR'Terrorism and News Narratives - Justin LewisAsylum Seekers as Political Spectacle - Jake Lynch, Annabel McGoldrick and Alex RussellMedia Myth and Ground Reality in Reporting from Iraq - Dahr JamailChallenging the Media War - Danny Schechter
"This is an excellent source which puts students in the heart of the contemporary discussion and encourages them to form opinions. It is a great resource for seminars as well as gateways to research."
- Paul Matthews, University College Birmingham

"An excellent text that covers not only how the media cover acts of terrorism but also how terror groups can manipulate the media."

- David Lowe, Liverpool John Moores University

Have the media contributed to exacerbating the political, cultural and religious divides within Western societies and the world at large? How can media be deployed to enrich, not inhibit, dialogue? To what extent has the media, in all its forms, questioned, celebrated or simply accepted the unleashing of a 'war on terror'?

Media and Terrorism: Global Perspectives brings together leading scholars to explore how the world's media have influenced, and in turn, been influenced by terrorism and the war on terror in the aftermath of 9/11. Accessible and user-friendly with lively and current case studies, it is an essential handbook on the dynamics of war and the media in a global context.