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Developing Healthcare Skills Through Simulation

Developing Healthcare Skills Through Simulation

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Introduction: Background to the Importance of Essential Nursing Skills - Stephen Wanless and Matthew Aldridge
Defining and Exploring Clinical Skills and Simulation-Based Education - Matthew Aldridge
Patient Assessment - Andrew Grindrod
ABCDE approach to Patient Assessment/ MEWS
Observations - Chris Jones
Blood Pressure, Pulse/ Heart rate, Temperature and Neurological Assessment
Pain Assessment - Meriel Hawker
Acting in Emergencies - Paul Knott
BLS and Summoning Assistance
Personal Hygiene - Barry Ricketts
Bed Bath and Oral Care
Elimination - Alison Eddleson
Urinalysis, Bowel Care and Catheter Care
Nutrition - Kim Harley and Helen Holder
Feeding a patient, Fluid Balance and Nasogastric feeding
Infection Prevention - Mandy Reynolds
Aseptic Non-Touch Technique, Hand washing, Disposal of Sharps and Disposal of Waste
Medicines Management - Matthew Aldridge
Injection Technique - S/C,IM Drug Calculations, Oral Drug Administration and Storage of Medicines
Respiratory Care - Catherine Easthope, Philip Jevon & Steven Webb
O² Therapy, Respiratory Rate Measurement, Pulse Oximetry, Sputum Collection and Inhaled Medication
Dealing with Mental Health Emergencies - Simon Steeves
Principles of Patient Handling - Steve Wanless
Managing Conflict in Healthcare - Stephen Wanless
Drug Administration Errors - Robert Mapp
Interview Techniques - Katie Holmes and Nathalie Turville
Breaking Bad News / Dealing with Difficult Conversations - Paul Turner
Incident Reporting - Tim Badger
Discharge Planning - Lisa Lawton
Documentation - Bernie St Aubyn and Amanda Andrews
'This book provides an essential resource for educators of clinical skills who want to utilise simulation based education to provide optimal learning opportunities for their students.'

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Autor: Matthew Aldridge
ISBN-13: 9781446201244
ISBN: 1446201244
Einband: Buch
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Format: 241x170x23 mm
Sprache: Englisch
Editiert von: Matthew Aldridge, Stephen Wanless
Matthew Aldridge is an experienced nurse educator with significant experience in designing and implementing simulation-based learning and teaching opportunities. He is currently based at the University of Wolverhampton, UK where he has a responsibility for simulation and clinical skills, and is also ad-interim president of INACSL Chapter Europe (https://inacsl.org/). He has worked locally, nationally and internationally to promote the use of simulation in healthcare.

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Autor: Matthew Aldridge
ISBN-13:: 9781446201244
ISBN: 1446201244
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.04.2012
Gewicht: 703g
Seiten: 300
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 241x170x23 mm