Globalization and Internationalization in Higher Education: Theoretical, Strategic and Management Perspectives
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Globalization and Internationalization in Higher Education: Theoretical, Strategic and Management Perspectives

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Felix Maringe
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List of Tables and Figures; Contributors Details; 1. Introduction: Globalization and Universities Felix Maringe and Nick Foskett. Part I. Theroetical and Strategic Perspectives; 2. The Meanings of Globalization and Internationalization in Higher Education: Findings from a World Survey Felix Maringe; 3. Global Markets, National Challenges, Local Strategies: The Strategic Challenge of Internationalization Nick Foskett; 4. Global Citizenship for All: Putting the 'Higher' Back into UK Higher Education? Vivienne Caruana; 5. The Globalization and Marketization of Higher Education: Some Insights from the Standpoint of Institutional Theory Izhar Oplatka and Jane Hemsley-Brown; Part II. Management and Empirical Perspectives; 6. The Response of Governments and Universities to Globalization and Internationalization in Higher Education John Taylor; 7. The Management of Internationalization in Universities John Taylor; 8. Key Trends and Emerging Issues in International Student Mobility (ISM) Steve Woodfield; 9. Higher Education Reforms and Problems in China: Challenges from Globalization Hongshia Zhang; 10. Capacity Building for Demography in Southern Africa: International Collaboration in Action Ros Foskett; Part III. Case Studies in Higher Education Internationalisation; 11. Student Experience in the Globalized Higher Education Market: Challenges and research imperatives Rodney Arambewela; 12. Course Reorientation to Enhance Chinese Students' International Awareness Diamin Wang; 13. Challenges to Institutionalizing Internationalization in a UK University Joanna Al-Youssef; 14. Internationalization in the Universities of Spain: Changes and Challenges at Four Institutions Laura Rumbley; 15. The Role of English Language Teaching in University Internationalization in China Jiang Yumei; Section IV. Emerging Themes, Issues and Challenges; 16. The Commoditization and Standardization of Higher Education Paul Gibbs; 17. Higher Education Partnerships for Studying and Improving Leadership Preparation and Development around the World Bruce Barnett and Stephen Jacobson; 18. International Organizations and the Tertiary Education Sector: Understanding UNESCO, the OECD, and the World Bank Linking-pin Organizations Roberta Bassett; 19. Intercultural Experience in English Universities: A Case Study of Chinese Students Mei Tian and John Lowe; 20. The Internationalization of Higher Education: A Prospective View Nick Foskett and Felix Maringe; Index.
International contributions exploring the internationalisation agenda in higher education, drawing together strategic and management issues, successful practice, giving an understanding of the new challenges. >