Teaching Politics Beyond the Book: Film, Texts, and New Media in the Classroom
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Teaching Politics Beyond the Book: Film, Texts, and New Media in the Classroom

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Robert W. Glover
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228x151x25 mm
1. Preface/Acknowledgements 2. Introduction-The Turn Towards Alternative "Texts" in the Classroom Literary Texts -Section Introduction- 3. Ancient Riches: Teaching Political Philosophy through The Bible (Robert M. Bosco) 4. Literature from the Global South: 'Uncharted' and Under-utilized Resources for the International Politics Classroom (Michael Kuchinsky) 5. Critical Pedagogy in Hard Times: Utopian Socialist Literature as a Means for Teaching Economic Crisis (Robert W. Glover and Daniel Tagliarina) Art and Visual Media -Section Introduction- 6. Laughing and Learning: Using Political Cartoons to Teach Politics (Joan Conners) 7. Graphic Novels in the Political Science Classroom (Kenton Worchester) Musical/Theatrical Media -Section Introduction- 8. Why Do Students Resist Hip Hop Studies (Travis Gosa) 9. Stirring the Melting Pot: Promoting Political Literacy through Music and Mixtapes (Shyam K. Sriram) 10. The Case is Submitted: Re-Enactment Theatre and U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments (Nina Kasniunas) 11. The Comparative Politics of the Zombie Attack (Steve Williamson) Film and Television -Section Introduction- 12. Knowing How to Curse: Learning Political Philosophy from Deadwood" (Paul Cantor) 13. The Politics in Pixar: The Underlying Messages of America's Animated Favorites (William J. Miller, Jeremy D. Walling, and Jill D. Miller) 14. American Students, African Conflicts, and Hollywood: The Advantages and Unintended Consequences of Using Film to Teach African Politics (Christopher R. Cook) 15. War and Peace on Film (Jeffrey S. Lantis) Internet a Social Media -Section Introduction- 16. Teaching Political Theory with Twitter: The Pedagogy of Social Networking (Ari Kohen) Conclusion
This innovative collection focuses on the use of alternative texts and new media to engage students and improve learning outcomes in political science.