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Blessed Health

The African-American Woman's Guide to Physical and
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Melody T. McCloud
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Blessed Health offers African-American women the medical information and inspirational motivation they need to achieve total health -- a healthy mind, body, and spirit.
Table of ContentsIntroduction1. WHAT MAKES SISTERS UNIQUE?Health ConcernsDistrust of Health Care ProfessionalsPoverty and Lack of InsuranceLack of KnowledgeFamily TraditionsThe Health Care System ItselfIt's Time for a ChangeRx: A Prescription for Your Soul2. UNDERSTANDING YOUR BODY AND SOULA Brief Overview of the Female Reproductive SystemThe Brain/Body ConnectionRx: A Prescription for Your Soul3. TAKE TIME TO TAKE STOCKGet in Touch with You -- A Health InventoryAssessing Your AnswersCheckups and TestsAge-by-Age Test GuideRx: A Prescription for Your Soul4. THE DOCTOR'S OFFICEAre All Doctors Alike?Finding the Right DoctorGetting the Most from Doctor VisitsUnderstanding InsuranceRx: A Prescription for Your Soul5. COMMON ILLNESSES, SIMPLE CURESVaginitisBladder InfectionsOther Minor ConditionsRx: A Prescription for Your Soul6. A WOMAN'S BODY -- DEALING WITH SERIOUS ILLNESSFibroidsEndometriosisAdenomyosisPelvic Congestion SyndromeAdnexal MassChronic Pelvic Pain (CPP)Pelvic RelaxationMenstrual DisordersUterine AnomaliesSexually Transmitted DiseasesHIV and AIDSCancerRare Gynecologic CancersRx: A Prescription for Your Soul7. IF YOU NEED SURGERYKnowledge Is PowerCommon SurgeriesBefore You Consent -- Seven Important Questions to Ask Your DoctorDo You Really Need a Second Opinion?Caring for the IncisionRx: A Prescription for Your Soul8. BACK TO BASICS -- NUTRITION AND EXERCISEWork That BodyWalking the WalkPump It UpYou Are What You EatRx: A Prescription for Your Soul9. CARING FOR YOUR BREASTSThe ABCs of BreastsFrom Buds to BreastsA Little TLCBreast BasicsCould It Be Cancer?The Facts About Cosmetic SurgeryRx: A Prescription for Your Soul10. THE ABCs OF PREGNANCYA Good Start -- Preparing for PregnancyThe Expectant MotherThe Anatomy of PregnancyTesting, TestingHow Your Body ChangesStaying FitComplications of PregnancyLabor and DeliveryPregnancy after Age 35InfertilityPreventing PregnancyRx: A Prescription for Your Soul11. MANAGING MENOPAUSEDemystifying MenopauseSigns of MenopauseRaising the Stakes -- The More Serious Effects of MenopauseOsteoporosis -- The Brittle Bone DiseaseThe Menopause/Heart Disease ConnectionManaging Menopause -- Is Estrogen the Solution?Rx: A Prescription for Your Soul12. NOT FOR MEN ONLY -- DISEASES THAT STRIKE SISTERS, TOOCardiovascular DiseaseHypertension (High Blood Pressure)Coronary Artery DiseaseStrokeDiabetesLung CancerColon CancerRx: A Prescription for Your SoulAppendix A: The Prescription CenterAppendix B: GlossaryAppendix C: ResourcesAppendix D: SourcesIndex
Blessed Health offers African-American women the medical information and inspirational motivation they need to achieve total health -- a healthy mind, body, and spirit.Many black women will go to church all day every Sunday but won't take one day out of the year to get a Pap test and mammogram done. Yet that yearly doctor's visit could help save lives. Often the first people to pray when a serious illness strikes, black women may be the last to seek timely medical care. As a result, they are suffering with, and dying from, manageable illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes more than any other group in the United States.It doesn't have to be that way. Don't wait until a health emergency happens before turning to your faith and your physician. You can achieve optimal health by arming yourself with medical knowledge and a strong spiritual base. Research has proven that a well-nurtured spiritual self can help to replenish, rejuvenate, and safeguard your physical self.Written by a prominent African-American OB/GYN and a highly respected journalist, Blessed Health is a personal health and spirituality guide for every stage of a black woman's life. Included here is important information on: