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Possibilities in Practice

Social Justice Teaching in the Disciplines
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Summer Melody Pennell
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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Acknowledgments - Summer Melody Pennell/Ashley S. Boyd: Possibilities in Practice: Introduction and Contextual Background - Hillary Parkhouse/Ashley S. Boyd/Summer Melody Pennell: Theoretical and Historical Foundations of Social Justice Teaching - Laura Bower-Phipps/Jessica S. Powell/Marissa Bivona/Rebecca Harmon/Anne Olcott: Re-drawing the Line: Queering Our Pedagogy in the Early Childhood Classroom - Ronda Taylor Bullock/Cherish Williams/Daniel Kelvin Bullock/Stef Bernal-Martinez: we are: Exploring an Anti-Racist Summer Program for Elementary Students - Sunghee Shin/Beverly Milner (Lee) Bisland: Immigration Today: Perspectives from Primary Classrooms - Elizabeth E. Saylor: "Act Like a Girl!": Preservice Elementary Teacher Perspectives of Gender Identity Development - Alison LaGarry: One Social Justice Music Educator: Working Within and Beyond Disciplinary Expectations - Summer Melody Pennell/Bryan Fede: Reading the Math on Marriage Equality: Social Justice Lessons in Middle School - Courtney B. Cook/Celina Martínez Nichols: Cultivating Communities of Care: Story Circles as Social Justice Practice - Jeff A. Greiner: Fixing the World: Social Justice in World History - Lana M. Minshew/Martinette Horner/Janice L. Anderson: Technology Integration in Urban Middle School Classrooms: How Does Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Support 1:1 Technology Implementation? - Alexis Patterson/Deb Morrison/Alexandra Schindel: What's Science Got To Do with It? Possibilities for Social Justice in Science Classroom Teaching and Learning - Ashley S. Boyd/Alyssa Bauermeister/Holly Matteson: "Project Read Freely": Using Young Adult Literature to Engender Student Choice in an English Language Arts Classroom - Joanne M. Pattison-Meek: Geography Matters: Face-to-Face Contact Pedagogies to Humanize Unfamiliar Ethnocultural Differences - Jeanne Dyches: "I, Too, Sing America": Operationalizing #WeAreNotThis and #BlackLivesMatter in an English Classroom - Jay M. Shuttleworth/Josef Donnelly: Teaching Columbus to Newcomer Students: Social Justice in the Classroom and Across the Urban Landscape - Hillary Parkhouse: "Couch the Oppression in Resistance": Teaching Strategies for Social Change Through U.S. History - Brian Gibbs: "It's Like We Were Slow-Roasted ... But in a Really Good Way": Embedded Y-PAR in a U.S. History Course - Linsay DeMartino/Sara Rusk: Students as Researchers: A Co-teaching Narrative from a Social Justice-Oriented U.S. Government Class - Notes on Contributors - Index.
This edited collection illustrates different possibilities for social justice practice in various grade levels, disciplines, and interdisciplinary spaces in P-12 education. Chapters in this unique volume demonstrate teaching with a critical lens, helping students develop critical dispositions, encouraging civic action with students, and teaching about topics inclusive of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Based on empirical research, each contribution is rooted in a critical theoretical framework and characterizes findings from sustained study of pedagogic practice, spanning subject matter from social studies, English Language Arts, music, mathematics, and science. Through this work, both pre- and in-service teachers as well as teacher educators will be inspired to practice social justice in their own classrooms.