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What Is Sustainable Journalism?

Integrating the Environmental, Social, and Economic Challenges of Journalism
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Mart Ots
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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Preface and Acknowledgements - Peter Berglez, Ulrika Olausson, and Mart Ots: What Is Sustainable Journalism? An Introduction - Contributions - Part One: Environment in Focus - Justin Lewis: Quick and Dirty News: The Prospect for More Sustainable Journalism - Richard Maxwell and Toby Miller: Making Journalism Sustainable/Sustaining the Environmental Costs of Journalism - Declan Fahy and Matthew C. Nisbet: The Ecomodernists: Journalists Reimagining a Sustainable Future - Michael Brüggemann: Post-normal Journalism: Climate Journalism and Its Changing Contribution to an Unsustainable Debate - Yan Wah Leung, Edson C. Tandoc Jr., and Shirley S. Ho: Environmental Journalism and Environmental Sustainability in Southeast Asia - Beth Osnes, Rebecca Safran, and Maxwell Boykoff: Student Content Production of Climate Communications - Part Two: Society in Focus - Pieter Maeseele and Daniëlle Raeijmaekers: Journalism and Democracy: Towards a Sustainable Future - Ernesto Abalo: News Journalism for Global Sustainability? On the Problems with Reification and Othering when Reporting on Social Inequality - Ebba Sundin: News-savvy Kids and the Sustainability of Journalism - Susanne M. Almgren: News Users' (Dis)trust in Media Performance: Challenges to Sustainable Journalism in Times of Xenophobia - Mike Gasher: Sustaining Spaces, Patrolling Borders: News Coverage of Migrating Peoples - Stig A. Nohrstedt and Rune Ottosen: Sustainable War Journalism and International Public Law - Part Three: Economy in Focus - C. Ann Hollifield and Laura Schneider: A Global Media Resource Model: Understanding News Media Viability Under Varying Environmental Conditions - Robert G. Picard: Monitoring Media Sustainability: Economic and Business Revisions to Development Indicators - James Breiner: Mapping the World's Digital Media Ecosystem: The Quest for Sustainability - Fredrik Stiernstedt: The Sustainability of Native Advertising: Organizational Perspectives on the Blurring of the Boundary Between Editorial and Commercial Content in Contemporary Media - Naomi Sakr: Managing for Sustainable Journalism Under Authoritarianism: Innovative Business Models Aimed at Good Practice - Anke Trommershausen: Sustainable Journalism? An Approach to New Ethics Management to Achieve Competitive Advantages - Rachel Matthews: The Socio-local Newspaper: Creating a Sustainable Future for the Legacy Provincial News Industry - Victor Pickard: Structural Collapse: The American Journalism Crisis and the Search for a Sustainable Future - Authors.
This edited volume, which elaborates on the idea and concept of sustainable journalism, is the result of a perceived lack of integral research approaches to journalism and sustainable development. Thirty years ago, in 1987, the Brundtland Report pointed out economic growth, social equality and environmental protection as the three main pillars of a sustainable development. These pillars are intertwined, interdependent, and need to be reconciled. However, usually, scholars interested in the business crisis of the media industry tend to leave the social and environmental dimensions of journalism aside, and vice versa. What Is Sustainable Journalism? is the first book that discusses and examines the economic, social and environmental challenges of professional journalism simultaneously. This unique book and fresh contribution to the discussion of the future of journalism assembles international expertise in all three fields, arguing for the necessity of integral research perspectives and for sustainable journalism as the key to long-term survival of professional journalism. The book is relevant for scholars and master's students in media economy, media and communication, and environmental communication.