Global Dialectics in Intercultural Communication

Case Studies
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Jolanta A. Drzewiecka
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23, Critical Intercultural Communication Studies
This book is an edited collection of case studies of contemporary issues in culture and communication around the world.
List of Figures - List of Tables - Contributors - Jolanta A. Drzewiecka/Thomas K. Nakayama: Introduction: Thinking Dialectically about Intercultural Communication on a Global Scale - Hans J. Ladegaard: The Destructiveness of Distance: Unfaithful Husbands and Absent Mothers in Domestic Migrant Worker Narratives - Melissa Steyn: Eden Recouped: White South Africans in Tanzania and Zambia - Heinz Bonfadelli/Mustafa Ideli/Andrea Piga: Swiss Media and Migration - Mohan J. Dutta/Dyah Pitaloka/Dazzelyn Zapata: Meanings of Health among Transgender Sex Workers in Singapore: A Culture-Centered Approach - Marouf Hasian, Jr./Nicholas Paliewicz: Thanatopolitical Spaces and Symbolic Counterterrorism at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum - Joseph Oduro-Frimpong: Glocalization and Popular Media: The Case of Akosua Political Cartoons - Maria Szmeja: The Silesians in a Global Perspective: Communication with the Dominant Group in the Local and National Context - Eliete da Silva Pereira/Massimo Di Felice: Communicative Forms of Indigenous Dwelling: The Digitalization of the Forest and Native Net-Activism in Brazil - Nilanjana Bardhan: Telling the Story of Ebola: Cosmopolitan Communication as a Framework for Public Relations in Local Global Contexts - Moon J. Lee: The Sinking of a Ferry, Sinking of Public Confidence: A Comparative Analysis of Government Crisis Management Cases - Rahul Mitra: Environmental Nonprofit Organizations and Networked Publics: Case Studies of Water Sustainability - Etsuko Kinefuchi: Production of the Internal Other in World Risk Society: Nuclear Power, Fukushima, and the Logic of Colonization - Shiv Ganesh: What's New about Global Social Justice Movements?.
This book is an edited collection of case studies of contemporary issues in culture and communication around the world. Framed around a dialectical approach to intercultural communication, this collection offers a useful framework for thinking about contemporary research in this area. It offers in-depth cultural information about a broad range of specific cases in different places around the world. It is an ideal book to use in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in culture and communication, global communication and intercultural communication courses. Scholars interested in contemporary work in intercultural communication will find this collection essential in mapping the state of the art in this area.