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Forgotten Places

Critical Studies in Rural Education
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William M. Reynolds
Counterpoints Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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List of Illustrations - Acknowledgements - Shirley Steinberg: Foreword: Rural Tourist - William M. Reynolds: Introduction: Forgotten Places in the New Gilded Age of Greed and Insensitivity - Kelsey Dayle John/Derek R. Ford: The Rural is nowhere: Bringing Indigeneity and urbanism into educational research - Paul L. Thomas: Teaching against Provincialism in the Conservative, Anti-Intellectual Rural South - William M. Reynolds: Rural Place: Media, Violent Cartographies, and Chaotic Disruptions - Jennifer A. Beech/Matthew Guy: Fat Guys in the Woods Naked and Afraid: Rural Reality Television as Prep-School for a Post-Apocalyptic World - Michael Boyer: Finding Jesus: Schooling in the Age of Mass Surveillance - Frank Bird III: Foxfire: Educational deliverance in the Land of Deliverance - Robert Lake/Andy Blunden: Myles Horton and Highlander Folk School: An Enduring Exemplar of Rural Education for Democratic Engagement - Faith Agostinone-Wilson: The Liberatory Potential and Constraint of Working-Class Rural Women's Gender Roles within the United States - Todd Alan Price: Rural Spaces of Longing and Protest - Priya Parmar: Who Am I?: Cultural Identity in Rural Schools - Reta Ugena Whitlock: A Memoir of Littleville School: Identity, Community, and Rural Education in a Curriculum Study of Rural Place - Randy Hewitt: Nowhere to Somewhere - Derrick M. Tennial: Liberatory Consequences of Sharecropping and Rural Education in the South - Daniel R. Paulson: Rural Education in Wisconsin - Bevin Etheridge: Rural in a Different Caye: Listening to Early School Leavers About the Importance of Place - Jennifer Job/Kristi Dickey/Susan Kirk/Justin McCrackin/Gina Morris: Dumbing Down the Fly-Over State: The Scape-Goating of Education in Oklahoma - Rebekah Cordova/Erin Bowers: "It was the river that taught me ...": The Southern rural ecology as educative space - Mark Helmsing: A small town with long roads: Wyoming as a Post-Western curriculum - Jon Austin/Amelia Jenkins: Reconstructing the deficit discourse in a multi-remote school in far North Queensland - Eleanor J. Blair: Teaching in the Country: A Critical Analysis of the Experiences of Rural Teachers in the United States and Jamaica - Mark Vicars: Learning from the Margins: A Case of Critical Community Pedagogy in Rural Thailand - Contributors.
Forgotten Places: Critical Studies in Rural Education critically investigates and informs the construction of the rural, rural identity and the understanding of the rural internationally. This book promotes and expands the notion of critical understandings of rural education, particularly in the areas of race, class, gender, and LGBTQ, with conceptualizations of social justice. While there have been many volumes written on critical issues in urban education, only a small number have been produced on rural education, and the majority of those are not critical. By contrast, Forgotten Places not only discusses "schools in the country," but also expands conceptualizations of the rural beyond schools and place as well as beyond the borders of the United States. It also tackles the artificial duality between conceptualizations of urban and rural. Forgotten Places includes scholarly investigations into the connections among the symbolic order, various forms of cultural artifacts and multiple readings of these artifacts within the context of critical/transformational pedagogy. This book fills a significant gap in the scholarly work on the ramifications of the rural.