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Internet Research Ethics for the Social Age

New Challenges, Cases, and Contexts
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Michael Zimmer
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Charles Ess: Foreword: Grounding Internet Research Ethics 3.0: A View from (the) AoIR Introductory Material - Michael Zimmer/Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda: Introduction - Elizabeth Buchanan: Internet Research Ethics: Twenty Years Later - Part One: Challenges - Conceptual Challenges - Anna Lauren Hoffmann/Anne Jonas: Recasting Justice for Internet and Online Industry Research Ethics - Céline Ehrwein Niha: Reaction - Mary Elizabeth Luka/ Mélanie Millette/Jacqueline Wallace: A Feminist Perspective on Ethical Digital Methods - Annette N. Markham: Reaction - .Tobias Matzner/Carsten Ochs: Sorting Things Out Ethically: Privacy as a Research Issue beyond the Individual - Céline Ehrwein Nihan: Reaction - Christian Pentzold: Reaction - D. E. Wittkower: Reaction - Jonathon Hutchinson/Fiona Martin/Aim Sinpeng: Chasing ISIS: Network Power, Distributed Ethics and Responsible Social Media Research - Katleen Gabriels: Reaction - Christian Pentzold: Reaction - Data Challenges - Rebekah Tromble/Daniela Stockmann: Lost Umbrellas: Bias and the Right to Be Forgotten in Social Media Research - Zoetanya Sujon: Reaction - Arvind Narayanan: Reaction - Cornelius Puschmann: Bad Judgment, Bad Ethics? Validity in Computational Social Media Research - Nicholas Proferes: Reaction - Katrin Weller/Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda: To Share or Not to Share? Ethical Challenges in Sharing Social Media-based Research Data - Alex Halavais: Reaction - Bonnie Tijerina: Reaction - Applied Challenges - Yukari Seko/Stephen P. Lewis: "We Tend to Err on the Side of Caution": Ethical Challenges Facing Canadian Research Ethics Boards When Overseeing Internet Research - Michelle C. Forelle/Sarah Myers West: Reaction - Katleen Gabriels: Reaction - Soraj Hongladarom: Internet Research Ethics in a Non-Western Context - Zoetanya Sujon: Reaction - Part Two: Cases - Philipp Schaer: Living Labs - An Ethical Challenge for Researchers and Platform Operators - Matthew Pittman/Kim Sheehan: Ethics of Using Online Commercial Crowdsourcing Sites for Academic Research: The Case of Amazon's Mechanical Turk - Natalia Grincheva: Museum Ethnography in the Digital Age: Ethical Considerations - James Robson: Participant Anonymity and Participant Observations: Situating the Researcher within Digital Ethnography - Ishani Mukherjee: The Social Age of "It's Not a Private Problem": Case Study of Ethical and Privacy Concerns in a Digital Ethnography of South Asian Blogs against Intimate Partner Violence - Ylva Hård af Segerstad/Dick Kasperowski/Christopher Kullenberg/Christine Howes: Studying Closed Communities On-line: Digital Methods and Ethical Considerations beyond Informed Consent and Anonymity - Amaia Eskisabel-Azpiazu/Rebeca Cerezo-Menéndez/Daniel Gayo-Avello: An Ethical Inquiry into Youth Suicide Prevention Using Social Media Mining - Lisbeth Klastrup: Death, Affect and the Ethical Challenges of Outing a Griefsquatter - Lee Humphreys: Locating Locational Data in Mobile and Social Media - David Moats/Jessamy Perriam: How Does It Feel to Be Visualized?: Redistributing Ethics - Part Three: Contexts - Robert Douglas Ferguson: Negotiating Consent, Compensation, and Privacy in Internet Research: as a Case Study - Nathaniel Poor: The Ethics of Using Hacked Data: Patreon's Data Hack and Academic Data Standards - Jeff Shuter/Benjamin Burroughs: The Ethics of Sensory Ethnography: Virtual Reality Fieldwork in Zones of Conflict - Patrick Sweeney: Images of Faces Gleaned from Social Media in Social Psychological Research on Sexual Orientation - Martina Wengenmeir: Twitter Research in the Disaster Context - Ethical Concerns for Working with Historical Datasets - Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda/Michael Zimmer: Epilogue: Internet Research Ethics for the Social Age - Contributor Biographies.
The continuous evolution of internet and related social media technologies and platforms have opened up vast new means for communication, socialization, expression, and collaboration. They also have provided new resources for researchers seeking to explore, observe, and measure human opinions, activities, and interactions. However, those using the internet and social media for research - and those tasked with facilitating and monitoring ethical research such as ethical review boards - are confronted with a continuously expanding set of ethical dilemmas. Internet Research Ethics for the Social Age: New Challenges, Cases, and Contexts directly engages with these discussions and debates, and stimulates new ways to think about - and work towards resolving - the novel ethical dilemmas we face as internet and social media-based research continues to evolve. The chapters in this book - from an esteemed collection of global scholars and researchers - offer extensive reflection about current internet research ethics and suggest some important reframings of well-known concepts such as justice, privacy, consent, and research validity, as well as providing concrete case studies and emerging research contexts to learn from.