iPhone 4S Made Simple
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iPhone 4S Made Simple

For iPhone 4S and Other iOS 5-Enabled iPhones
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Martin Trautschold
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235x191x33 mm

A detailed consumer book on the new iPhone 4S device, running the new iOS 5 operating system.
Getting Started
Typing Tips, Copy/Paste and Search
Sync Your iPhone with iTunes
Other Sync Methods
Wi-Fi and 3/4G Connectivity
Bluetooth on the iPhone 4S
Organize Your iPhone: Icons and Folders
Multitasking and Voice Control
Personalize and Secure Your iPhone
Using Your iPhone as a Phone
SMS and MMS Messaging
FaceTime Video Messaging and Skype
Playing Music
iBooks and E-Books
New Media: Reading Newspapers, Magazines, and More
Viewing Videos, TV Shows, and More
Surfing the Web with Safari
Email on Your iPhone
Working with Contacts
Your Calendar
iPhone Photography
Eliminate Your Paper Notes
Utilities: Clock, Calculator, Compass, and Weather
iTunes on Your iPhone 4S
The Amazing App Store
Games and Fun
Social Networking
Your iTunes User Guide
Congratulations-you've purchased the new iPhone 4S, the coolest smartphone on the market. Now it's time to learn how to take advantage of the new iOS 5 and all its features, apps, and secret techniques available.
To accomplish this, look no further than iPhone 4S Made Simple . More than 1,000 screen visuals and clear-cut instructions guide you through both basic and advanced features of the iPhone 4S, from email and calendar tips to navigating the App Store and understanding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks.

Written by two successful smartphone trainers and authors, this is the go-to guide for the latest and greatest version of the iPhone. This book should also help those who use the popular iPhone 4 or earlier iPhones, that are now running or can run the new iOS 5 operating system as well.