The Keys to Academic English
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The Keys to Academic English

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NA Hale
Key features:
PART 1 Words Chapter 1 The History of English Chapter 2 Language, Literacy and Power Chapter 3 Grammar and Language Essentials Chapter 4 Critical Thinking PART 2 Writing Chapter 5 The Essay Chapter 6 Essay Writing Chapter 7 Research Chapter 8 Referencing and Citation Chapter 9 Style and Presentation Glossary
The Keys to Academic English is, as its title suggests, an essential resource for anyone undertaking study that requires an understanding and appreciation of academic English. It is the product of 3 years of development and successful implementation at the authors' university. The book starts with an introduction to the history of English and the forms of language and then goes on to guide the reader on how to plan and produce a successful essay. The book consists of two texts; a student text and a tutor support 'manual' with subject resources, exercises, subject frame and assessment-rubric templates. The text is not subject-specific and as such it can be used across a broad range of teaching disciplines and has no single philosophical tradition or frame as other texts tend to have.