Our Voices
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Our Voices

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Work
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Key features:
Chapter 1 Why is the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People important for social work students and graduates? Chapter 2 The people who populate Aboriginal social work Chapter 3 Engaging communities Chapter 4 The supervisory yarn: embedding Indigenous epistemology in supervision Chapter 5 Trauma, grief and loss: the vulnerability of Aboriginal families in the child protection system Chapter 6 Indigenous yarning modalities: an insider's perspective on respectful engagement with Torres Strait Islander clients Chapter 7 Yarning and listening: yarning and learning through stories Chapter 8 Indigenous social work education in Australia Chapter 9 Collaboration and relationship-building in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social work Chapter 10 Walking the journey: the student experience Chapter 11 Australian social work is white
Our Voices: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Work is a groundbreaking collection of writings from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous Australian social work educators and students. Through the exploration of a number of important contemporary social work practice issues, including cultural supervision, working with communities, understanding trauma, collaboration and relationship building and narrative practice, this book provides valuable insights into how social work practice can be developed, taught and practiced in ways that are culturally safe and competent. It offers the collective voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and allied colleagues as a foundation for creating the conditions of possibility that will aid in the transformation of Australian social work into a field of work that honours its ethical and moral aims, and serves the best interests of all.