Understanding Evidence in Health Care
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Understanding Evidence in Health Care

Using Clinical Epidemiology
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Preface Chapter 1 Generation and organisation of evidence in health care Chapter 2 Locating the best evidence Chapter 3 Are the results valid? Chapter 4 Quantitative aspects of diagnosis and screening Chapter 5 How large was the effect of treatment? Chapter 6 How precise is the estimate of the effect? Chapter 7 Are the valid results important? Chapter 8 Are the results generalisable to our patients? Chapter 9 From evidence to implementation Bibliography Appendix I Answers to chapter exercises Appendix II Technical notes from biostatistics Index
Understanding Evidence in Health Care delivers the essentials of clinical epidemiology for health practitioners, enabling them to practise evidence-based health care. Divided into two parts, Understanding Evidence in Health Care explains both the key concepts behind research output and how to interpret and apply the research. It teaches health care professionals how to: how to have an effective understanding of published reports, interact with hard-to-find and hard-to-understand terminology, and get real understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of scientific information in their field. Understanding Evidence in Health Care develops the reader's skills in a logical flow of background principles, useful data examples, clearly explained tables and figures, and end-of-chapter readings and exercises, thus offering invaluable guidance to doctors, nurses and health professionals in all fields.