The Organisational Context of Human Service Practice
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The Organisational Context of Human Service Practice

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Elizabeth Ozanne
Key features:
Chapter 1 The changing context of human service practice Chapter 2 Contemporary theoretical perspectives on HSO Chapter 3 The environment of HSO Chapter 4 Setting organisational directions Chapter 5 The changing technology of HSO Chapter 6 The structure of HSO Chapter 7 Clients and consumers in HSO Chapter 8 The worker in the HSO Chapter 9 Change in HSO Chapter 10 Evaluating performance and outcomes in HSO Chapter 11 Conclusion
This book provides an up to date analysis of contemporary challenges in the environment of human services in Australia. It reviews current theorising about organisations exploring new areas of theory development and their application to human services. Several new areas are explored relating to technology development in the human services; the emergence of new hybrid organisational forms; the notion of human service work as both knowledge work and 'emotional labour'; the issue of organisational ethics; exploration of concept of the learning organisation; and new methods for evaluating the organisational performance and social impact of human service organisations.