Survive and Thrive
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Survive and Thrive

Skills for your first year at university
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Martina Muller
Chapter 1 Transition to University Chapter 2 Finding your way around Chapter 3 Independent learning and lifelong skills Chapter 4 In lectures: how to listen, take notes and review lecture Chapter 5 At tutorials: how to participate and learn in group situations Chapter 6 At home: how to study effectively Chapter 7 In the library: how to use library and online resources effectively Chapter 8 Communicating your knowledge: how to pass on your learning, to the benefit of others Chapter 9 Assessment from the student's perspective Chapter 10 Sitting exams at university
This book arises from authors' experience that today's student has less available study time than they had only a few years ago. Hence, this text aims to provide a friendly and accessible, all-in-one guide for students to start developing the learning skills required to succeed. It is targeted directly at first year university students and it is written in a language they can engage with. It 'talks' to them like a helpful sibling might, a mentor or guide rich with wisdom, insight, simple advice and practical tips. For example, students are 'told' concisely the 'A to Z' of writing an assignment without needing to seek another text on academic writing. Each concept is kept concisely within one page, so information is quickly located and easily used. The material presented equips students with critical foundation skills that enable them to survive first year, and thrive from that point on. A review of Survive and Thrive that appeared in the March 2011 issue of Legal Education Digest can be found here: