Interpersonal Relating
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Interpersonal Relating

Health care perspectives on communication, stress and crisis
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Nel Glass
Table of Contents: Part One Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Communication 1)Introducing interpersonal and intrapersonal communication 2)Establishing and interpreting messages 3)Working in teams: Effective interpersonal collaboration & communication in health care policy: Reorientation through social inclusion Part Two Interpersonal Skills: Processes in Action 4)Exploring the role of self 5)Responding to others 6)Managing conflict: recognition, acceptance and resolution Part Three Stress and Crisis 7)Stress and crisis perspectives 8)Management of stress and crisis
An exciting new book focusing on human rights, humanism and the importance of the person as a framework to guide health care professionals in their practice intentions and actions. Written specifically for health care professionals, this book puts forward positive optimistic views and strategic processes for the management of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, stress and crisis. Communication, stress and crisis are viewed from two focal points, those of practitioner/client engagements and points of emotional disruption. The reflective exercises and case studies interwoven throughout the book, are grounded in 'real-life' contemporary practical situations of relevance for all health care professionals. Key features: The author advocates interpersonal communicative skills as necessary for personal and professional development of contemporary practitioners. This innovative approach supports practitioner satisfaction, wellbeing and self care.This book is written in a contemporary style focused on: . The critical relationship between personal and professional development for the practitioner. . Improving the health care of the practitioner as well as the client. . Effective communication and the integral links to improvement in workplace satisfaction. . Recent national and international research on managing stress and crisis and improving communication personally and professionally.