Psychology and Indigenous Australians
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Psychology and Indigenous Australians

Foundations of cultural competence
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Part 1 Setting the context Chapter 1 Cultural competence and the role of the professional in Indigenous Australia Chapter 2 World views and culture Part 2 Foundations of Australian Indigenous Cultures Chapter 3 The Dreaming, land & social organisation Chapter 4 Economy, identity & Social Structure Part 3 The Psychological Impact of Invasion & Colonisation Chapter 5 Overview of contact history Chapter 6 The Stolen Generations Chapter 7 Contemporary issues Chapter 8 The psychological impacts of colonisation Part 4 Psychology & Indigenous Australians Chapter 9 The Racialising of Australia: Ideology: policy and paradigms Chapter 10 Psychology & Indigenous Australians Chapter 11 Critical reflexivity Part 5 Psychology & Professional Practice Chapter 12 Working effectively in Indigenous contexts Chapter 13 Principles of working effectively in diverse cultural contexts
This book fills an important gap in understanding the psychological impact of colonization on Indigenous Australians. Using cultural competence as a theoretical framework, it starts with an exploration of the nature of culture and worldviews which permeates and integrates the book. It provides a convincing explanation of how colonization has affected Indigenous Australians, the role of psychology in this process, and ways forward to redress Indigenous disadvantage. A key emphasis is on 'doing our own work', the essential role of critical reflection in trans-cultural communication.