Social Policy for Social Change
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Social Policy for Social Change

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Barbara Fawcett
Acknowledgements About the authors Preface Chapter One Social policy and social change Chapter Two Making social policy: Maps and mechanisms Chapter Three Politics: Conflicts over ideas and resources Chapter Four Values: Social policy and contested domains Chapter Five Economics: Who pays, who benefits and how much? Chapter Six Organizations: Which should provide human services? Chapter Seven People: Who implements social policy? Chapter Eight Evidence: The role of research in policy and practice Chapter Nine Changing social policy: Reorientation through social inclusion Chapter Ten Changing social policy: Radical Interventions Chapter Eleven Changing social policy: Reinvigoration through the community Chapter Twelve Conclusion
Social policy can be a powerful vehicle for positive social change. This book explores how social policy is made and by whom, focusing on debates about what counts as a social problem, and on conflicts over ideals, power and resources in the framing of policy solutions. Social policy is shown to be dynamic, flexible and provisional, and the opportunities for human service practitioners to engage in the processes of making and implementing social policy for social change are emphasised.