Fashion Design Manual 2
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Fashion Design Manual 2

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P. Stecker
Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction Part 1 The source of fashion Chapter 1 The evolution of fashion Chapter 2 The fashion makers Chapter 3 The nature of clothing and fashion Chapter 4 The elements of design Chapter 5 Value and colour Chapter 6 The principles of design Part 2 The fashion designer Chapter 7 The role of the designer Chapter 8 Sources of inspiration Chapter 9 Evaluating fashion Chapter 10 Sketching fashion ?gures and textures Chapter 11 Sketching garments Chapter 12 Garments and garment components Chapter 13 Construction design details Chapter 14 Trimmings and treatments Chapter 15 Figure types: Achieving perfect proportions Chapter 16 Fitting and sizing Part 3 Fashion production Chapter 17 Fabrics Chapter 18 Sourcing production Chapter 19 Production processes Chapter 20 Production administration Chapter 21 Retail: buying and selling fashion Chapter 22 Staging a fashion parade Part 4 The fashion industry Chapter 23 Australian and New Zealand style: in?uential local designers and labels Chapter 24 Working globally Chapter 25 Careers in fashion Chapter 26 Fashion education Chapter 27 Fashion and related organisations Chapter 28 Fashion publications and resources Chapter 29 Fashion awards and events Appendix A Apparel ? bres chart Appendix B Glossary of fabrics
The Fashion Design Manual 2 provides a comprehensive view of the creative process of designing and creating fashion. It shows how a designer works with fabrics, colours and shapes, and combines them with inspiration and new ideas to create garments that suit the mood of the times and allow the wearer to express their individuality. The Fashion Design Manual 2 invites the reader to tread the path of the designer, as their ideas are taken from sketch to sample, through production, onto the catwalk and, via the retailer, to the consumer. Each stage is discussed in detail and has been written with the support and endorsement of many fashion companies, organisations and industry professionals. The text is generously illustrated with drawings, charts and photographs, many of which are new and come direct from industry sources. The challenges posed by the imperative to perform responsibly and sustainably while still embracing a love for fashion are also addressed in this edition. So too are the exciting new technologies, and the careers and opportunities that international trade has created for those wanting to work in an industry where almost anything is possible. The book is suitable for TAFE and Undergraduate Fashion and Design Courses, upper secondary courses, and the general public interested in fashion and design.