Introduction to Community Development
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Introduction to Community Development

Theory, Practice, and Service-Learning
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Jerry W. Robinson
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Chapter 1. Developing Communities - Jerry W. Robinson, Jr. and Gary Paul GreenChapter 2. An Historical View of Community Development - Lorraine E. Garkovich
Chapter 3. Community Development and Natural Landscapes - Alan W. Barton and Theresa Selfa
Chapter 4. The Technical Assistance Approach - Jerry W. Robinson, Jr. and Frank Fear
Chapter 5. The Self-Help Approach to Community Development - Gary Paul Green
Chapter 6. The Interactional Approach to Community - J.C. Bridger, M. A. Brennan and A.E. Luloff
Chapter 7. The Role of Conflict in Community Develoment - Jerry W. Robinson, Jr. and L. Steven Smutko
Chapter 8. Action Research and Evaluation in Community Develoment - John J. Green and Anna M. Kleiner
Chapter 9. The Role of Leadership Behaviors and Structures in Community Development - Josh Stovall, Jerry W. Robinson, Jr., Albert Nylander and Ralph B. Brown
Chapter 10. Principles of Working Together: Developing Relationships That Support Community Development Initiatives - Janet S.Ayers and Anne Heinze Silvis
Chapter 11. Communities in Rural America: Current Realities and Emerging Strategies - Lionel J. Beaulieu and Glenn D. Israel
Chapter 12. Community Development Challenges of Inner-City Neighborhoods - Jeffrey S. Lowe and William M. Harris, Sr.
Chapter 13. Engaging Youth in Community Development - Wendy Wheeler and Ana Maria Thomas
Chapter 14. Health: A New Community Development Challenge - Lois Wright Morton and Nina Glasgow
Chapter 15. Schools and Community Development - Kai A. Schafft and Hobart L. Harmon
Chapter 16. Sustainable Communities: Sustainability and Community Development - Jerry Hembd and Jane Silberstein
Chapter 17. Globalization and Community Development: Synergy or Disintegration - Paulette Meikle and Gary Paul Green
Chapter 18. Emerging Issues in Community Development - Gary Paul Green and Jerry W. Robinson, Jr.
Introduction to Community Development provides students of community and economic development with a theoretical and practical introduction to the field of community development. Bringing together leading scholars in the field of community development, the book follows the curriculum needs in offering a progression from theory to practice, beginning with a theoretical overview, an historical overview, and the various approaches to community development.