Responsible Classroom Management, Grades 6-12
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Responsible Classroom Management, Grades 6-12

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J. Allen Queen
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List of ToolsAcknowledgementsAbout the AuthorsIntroduction1. Understanding The RCMPlan? The RCMPlan? Becoming a Successful RCM Teacher A Model for Improving Instruction and Behavior An Invitation to Change: The RCM Plan? Inventory Looking Ahead2. Teaching Students Responsibility Within Warm and Inviting Classrooms The Original and Still Functional Correlates for Teaching Responsibility Expecting Responsibility and Civility in the Classroom Experimenting with Responsibility and Civility in the Classroom Modeling Responsible Behavior The Four Types of Inviting Teachers Preparing to Modify Classroom Procedures Students Roles and Additions to the Classroom Group Activities Looking Ahead3. Standards, Guidelines, and Expected Behaviors Why Rules Do Not Work With Middle or Secondary School Students Replacing Rules with School and Classroom Standards, Guidelines, and Expected Behaviors Building School Guidelines for Outside the Classroom Developing Classroom Guidelines Teaching Standards and Guidelines to Students Looking Ahead 4. Using Consequences to Teach Responsibility Using Logical Consequences Versus Punishment Developing a Pool of Consequences for Selective Use in the Classroom Consequences for More Serious Infractions: The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Using ICU Effectively Behavior Improvement Agreements (BIAs) The DRC's Supervisory Process A Sample of Grade-Specific Consequences Group Activities Looking Ahead Resource A: The RCMPlan Principal?s Guide Resource B: The RCMPlan? ToolboxReferencesIndex
Allen Queen and Bob Algozzine's Responsible Classroom Management, Grades 6-12 provides headteachers and teachers with a nationally tested schoolwide discipline plan that emphasizes a team approach to discipline and management and teaches students to solve problems, self-correct behaviour, and develop an internal locus of control. Rooted in humanist and cognitive psychology, the authors' practical model for Responsible Classroom Management (RCMPlan™) for middle and high school levels is specifically designed for adolescents at various stages of development. The RCMPlan uses three key principles to demonstrate how schools can use behavior support systems to promote good citizenship and develop responsible students who can live productively in a democratic and multicultural society: