Communicating Terror
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Communicating Terror

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Joseph S. Tuman
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Introduction1. The Struggle to Define Terrorism Defining Terrorism Attempts to Synthesize a Consensus Definition Summary Notes2. Terrorism as a Communication Process With Rhetorical Dimensions Terrorism as a Communication Process Terrorism and Rhetoric Summary Notes3. Labeling and Defining Terrorism as Rhetoric Definitions and Labels Reconsidering the Definition of Terrorism Summary Notes4. Symbols, Symbolism, and Terrorism: Means and Implements Symbols, Symbolism, and Violence/Destruction Symbolism in the Implements and Tools of Terrorism Summary Notes5. Symbolism in the Targets of Terrorism Temporal Targets for Terrorism Symbolism in the Chechen Terrorist Attack on a Moscow Theater Symbolism, the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon Summary Notes6. Methods for Studying Public Oratory About Terrorism A Method of Rhetoric for Public Oratory Summary Notes7. Case Studies for Public Oratory About Terrorism President Bush's Speech to the Nation Immediately After the Attacks of 9/11 President Bush's Speech to the Congress, the Nation, and the World on September 20, 2001 Speech by Osama bin Laden, Dated 11/1/2004: Just Before the 2004 General Election in the United States Summary Notes8. Theories of Mass Media for Terrorism Understanding Mass Media Media-Centered Criticism Summary Notes9. Mass-Mediated Images and Construction of Terrorism Terrorism From Above and Mass Media Terrorism From Below and Mass Media Agenda Setting and the Framing of Terrorism in News Media Terrorism and New Media Terrorism and Paid Media Summary NotesIndexAbout the Author
Concise yet comprehensive, this up-to-date text examines how acts of "terrorism" create rhetorical acts: What messages, persuasive meanings, symbols, do acts of terrorism generate and communicate to the world at large? These rhetorical components include definitions and labels, symbolism in terrorism, public oratory about terrorism, and the relationship between terror and media. This unique communication perspective (vs. political scienceiminal justice approach) shows how the rhetoric of terrorism is truly a war of words, symbols, and meanings.