Wayside Teaching
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Wayside Teaching

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Sara Davis Powell
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List of FiguresPrefaceAcknowledgmentsAbout the AuthorIntroduction: What Is Your Current Wayside Teaching Profile? Graphic View of Your Current Wayside Teaching Profile1. What Is Wayside Teaching, and Why Does It Matter? What Is Wayside Teaching? Why Does Wayside Teaching Matter? Concluding Reflections2. 12 Components of Wayside Teaching: Attitudes, Approaches, and Actions Component 1: Know Your Students Component 2: Practice Little Gestures That Matter Component 3: Reveal Your Personal Self Component 4: Create and Maintain an Inviting Classroom Component 5: Promote a Culture of Acceptance and Compassion Component 6: Help Students Find Their Voice Component 7: Learn to Listen Component 8: Speak Carefully Component 9: Teach Skills That Help Students Become Autonomous, Not Anonymous Component 10: Build Resiliency Component 11: Encourage Imagination and Creativity Component 12: Infuse Humor3. What Does Wayside Teaching Look Like in Elementary School? Development of Elementary Learners Wayside Teaching Practices for Elementary Learners4. What Does Wayside Teaching Look Like in Middle School? Development of Young Adolescent Learners Wayside Teaching Practices for Young Adolescent Learners5. What Does Wayside Teaching Look Like in High School? Development of Adolescent Learners Wayside Teaching Practices for Adolescent Learners6. Wayside Teaching: The Power of One Looking Back at Theory and Practice Reform in Perspective Goals for Wayside Teachers Final ThoughtsResource A: SurveysResource B: Annotated Book List for Promoting Acceptance and CompassionReferencesIndex
Wayside Teaching: Connecting With Students to Support Learning is about intentionally practicing what building level educators do every day in perhaps intentional and/or unintentional ways: relate to students.