Correctional Mental Health: From Theory to Best Practice
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Correctional Mental Health: From Theory to Best Practice

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Tom J. Fagan
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SECTION ONE: CORRECTIONAL PRACTICE: INTRODUCTION AND FOUNDATION1. Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems: The New Continuum of Care System - Thomas Fagan, Dyona Augustin2. Comparison of Correctional and Community Mental Health Service Delivery Models - Robert Powitzky3. Managing the Mentally Ill from a Correctional Administrator's Perspective - Peter M. CarlsonSECTION TWO: ENTERING CORRECTIONAL PRACTICE4. Clinical Assessment in Correctional Settings - Daryl G. Kroner, Jeremy F. Mills, Andrew Gray and Kelly O. N. Talbert5. Correctional Treatment - Donald A. Sawyer, Catherine Moffitt6. Issues in Multicultural Correctional Assessment and Treatment - Corinne N. Ortega7. Clinical Psychopharmacology in Correctional Settings - Gollapudi S. Shankar8. Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Correctional Practice - Dean Aufderheide and John D. BaxterSECTION THREE: WORKING WITH SPECIAL POPULATIONS9. Offenders with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness - Rebecca L. Bauer, Robert D. Morgan and Jon T. Mandracchia10. Mental Health Needs of Female Offenders - Ann Booker Loper and Lacey Levitt11. Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders among Criminal Offenders - David J. Stephens12. Assessment and Treatment of Incarcerated Sex Offenders - Shelia M. Brandt and Michael Thompson13. Juvenile Offenders - Debra DePrato and Stephen W. Phillippi14. Managing Disruptive Offenders: A Behavioral Perspective - Steven J. Helfand15. Understanding the Broad Corrections Environment: Responding to the Needs of Diverse Inmates - Alix M. McLearen and Phillip R. MagalettaSECTION FOUR: THE FUTURE OF CORRECTIONAL MENTAL HEALTH PRACTICE16. Correctional Mental Health: A Best Practices Future - Robert K. Ax
This contributed book provides a broad-based, practical guide to treating criminal offenders in a correctional mental health practice. By virtue of a wide selection of readings, this book will offer a solid grounding in theory, current research and professional literature, and highlights aspects of clinical experience as presented by current practitioners.