Handbook of Children, Culture, and Violence
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Handbook of Children, Culture, and Violence

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Nancy Dowd
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Introduction - Nancy E. Dowd
Prologue: Developmental Variations Among Children and Adolescents: An Overview of the Research and Policy Implications - Dorothy G. Singer
Part I. Children as Victims
1. Child Witnessing of Domestic Violence - Naomi Cahn
2. Domestic Violence and Child Protection: Confronting the Dilemmas in Moving From Family Court to Dependency Court - Thomas D. Lyon and Mindy B. Mechanic
3. Sexually Predatory Parents and the Children in Their Care: Remove the Threat, Not the Child - Robin Fretwell Wilson
4. Exposure to Pornography as a Cause of Child Sexual Victimization - Diana E.H. Russell and Natalie Purcell
5. Statutory Rape: An Empirical Examination of Claims of "Overreaction" - Ross E. Cheit and Laura Braslow
6. Mitigating the Impact of Publicity on Child Crime Victims and Witnesses - Charles Putnam and David Finkelhor
Part II. Children as Consumers of Violence
7. The Violent Shadows of Children's Culture - John Cech
8. A Preliminary Demography of Television Violence - Nancy Signorielli
9. Protecting Children's Welfare in an Anxiety-Provoking Media Environment - Joanne Cantor
10. The Impact of Violent Music on Youth - Barbara J. Wilson and Nicole Martins
11. How Real Is the Problem of TV Violence? Research and Policy Perspectives - Dale Kunkel and Lara Zwarun
12. Violent Video Games: Effects on Youth and Public Policy Implications - Douglas A. Gentile and Craig A. Anderson
13. Positive Features of Video Games - Laurie N. Taylor
14. Children, Adolescents, and the Culture of Online Hate - Brendesha Tynes
15. Constitutional Obstacles to Regulating Violence in the Media - Catherine J. Ross
Part III. Children as Perpetrators of Violence
16. Peer Victimization: The Nature and Prevalence of Bullying Among Children and Youth - Susan P. Limber
17. Bullying and Violence in American Schools - Ellen de Lara
18. Judging Juvenile Responsibility: A Social Ecological Perspective - Mark R. Fondacaro and Lauren G. Fasig
19. Adult Punishment for Juvenile Offenders: Does It Reduce Crime? - Richard E. Redding
20. Psychopathy Assessment and Juvenile Justice Mental Health Evaluations - Matthew Owen Howard, Michael K. Dayton, Kirk A. Foster, Michael G. Vaughn and John L. Zelner
21. Cleaning Up Toxic Violence: An EcoGenerist Paradigm - Barbara Bennett Woodhouse
This Handbook provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary examination of childhood violence for students, scholars, and policymakers. A great many books have been published on children and violence, but the majority approach the topic from a single disciplinary perspective and most often concentrate on children as victims of violence. In contrast, this book incorporates perspectives from across disciplinary bounds - psychology and human development, commnication, family law and public policy, criminology, human services - and examines children as consumers and perpetrators of violence, as well as victims, for the broadest possible view on the impact of a culture of violence in children's lives.