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Teaching on Target: Models, Strategies, and Methods That Work

Teaching on Target: Models, Strategies, and Methods That Work

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About the Author
1. Effective Schools and Standards for Teaching
2. Classroom Management Strategies and Student Behavior
3. Designing Learning Experiences
4. The Behavioral Models for Teaching
5. Information Processing Models
6. Teaching Through Inquiry
7. The Social Models
8. The Writing Process as a Teaching Model
9. Teaching Children With Special Needs
10. Student Assessment and Grading
11. Putting It All Together for Professional Teaching
Appendix A: K-8 Writing Rubric
Appendix B: Policy of the National Board for Professional Teaching
Hit the target of excellence and empower yourself to be a truly effective teacher!

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Autor: Daniel C. Elliott
ISBN-13: 9781412913607
ISBN: 1412913608
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Autor: Daniel C. Elliott
A native of Southern California, Dan grew up in a family that struggled to make ends meet. Drawn to the greater cause of making a life different for children trapped by poverty, Dan began teaching in an elementary school district in 1970 and taught most subjects at each grade from kindergarten through 9th in those early years, many in multi-age and looping classroom situations. After completing a Masters degree in school administration, Dan served as a vice principal, principal, central office administrator, small district superintendent, and county office of education associate superintendent - positions primarily held in his native California. Completion of doctoral studies led Dan into service as a researcher, speaker, and professor in schools of education since 1991. Dan has taught educational methods and instructional leadership around the world. He is currently an Associate Professor at Azusa Pacific University's School of Education and Behavioral Studies. The contents of his writings reveal a bit of his heart for schools and for the lives of the children that are shaped within those school walls.

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Autor: Daniel C. Elliott
ISBN-13:: 9781412913607
ISBN: 1412913608
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2005
Gewicht: 562g
Seiten: 232
Sprache: Englisch
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