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Looking Forward to Monday Morning: Ideas for Recognition and Appreciation Activities and Fun Things to Do at Work for Educators

Looking Forward to Monday Morning: Ideas for Recognition and Appreciation Activities and Fun Things to Do at Work for Educators

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About the Author
About the Illustrator
I. Appreciation & Recognition
1. Group Recognition - Formal Activities
Years of Service Awards
Attendance Awards
Recognition From the Boss
Appreciation Events & Awards
End-of-the-Year Appreciation
Teacher Recognition
Above & Beyond the Call of Duty
Non-Employee Awards
Team Awards
Staff Appreciation Day or Week
Staff Newsletter
2. Group Recognition - Informal Activities
General Recognition
Gifts of Time
Special People Recognition
Name Recognition
Food Rewards - Yum!
Symbols of Recognition
Words of Thanks & Praise
Rewards for Meeting Goals
3. Individual Recognition
General Recognition
Special Recognition
Written Praises
Trying New Things...Good & Bad
II. Fun Ways to Spend Work Days
4. From the Beginning
New Year Starters
Get-Acquainted Activities
Staff Meetings
5. Through the Day
Professional Development Fun
Food & Fun
"Lunch Bunch" Activities
Your Attitude Is Showing!
No Special Reason...Just for Fun
Dress-Up Events
Counting the Days
6. To the End & Beyond
"Fun-Raisers" & Community Service
Label It Generous
End-of-the-Year Activities
Other Group Activities
After-Hours Network
III. Celebrating With Coworkers
7. Caring & Sharing
Welcoming a New Staff Member or Boss
Administrative Professionals Week
Get-Well Activities
Resignation or Retirement
Farewell Gifts
Think Spring!
8. Celebrating Holidays
Holiday Calendar
Valentine's Day
Holiday Gifts & Exchanges
"White Elephant" Events
Staff Gifts
Holiday Communications
Holiday Events
IV. Celebrate Yourself
9. Appreciate Yourself
"The Best Thing About Today Was" Journal
Self-Affirmations Corner
Professional Portfolios
Your Office Environment
Daily Schedule
` Diane Hodges' work is for those amongst us who need to show appreciation but need a helping hand with the practicalities.

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Autor: Diane Hodges
ISBN-13: 9781412913379
ISBN: 1412913373
Einband: Buch
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Format: 241x187x18 mm
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Autor: Diane Hodges
Diane Hodges is the managing partner of Threshold Group, an educational consulting firm in San Diego. After 30+ years as an educator, she is sharing her insights through books and international speaking events. Her wit and humor have delighted audiences and readers everywhere. She has served as an executive director of career and technical education, director of instructional services, director of human resources, secondary principal, counselor, and instructor. She earned her doctorate from Michigan State University, has received twelve national and state awards, and is a best-selling author of eight books.

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Autor: Diane Hodges
ISBN-13:: 9781412913379
ISBN: 1412913373
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.12.2004
Gewicht: 526g
Seiten: 216
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage New
Sonstiges: Buch, 241x187x18 mm