Consumer Behavior I: Research and Influences
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Consumer Behavior I: Research and Influences

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Margaret Hogg
Sage Library in Business and M

Comparing Journal of Consumer Psychology and Journal of Consumer Research - Anat Alon, Maureen Morrin and Nada Nasr Bechwati
On Method in Consumer Research - Paul F Anderson
A Critical Relativist Perspective
Hermeneutics and Consumer Research - Stephen J Arnold and Eileen Fischer
Feminist Thought - J Bristor and E Fischer
Implications for Consumer Research
What Consumer Research Is - B J Calder and A M Tybout
Consumption - Colin Campbell
The New Wave of Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Hedonic Consumption - Elizabeth Hirschman and Morris B Holbrook
Emerging Concepts, Methods and Propositions
Alternative Ways of Seeking Knowledge in Customer Research - L A Hudson and J Ozanne
Positivist and Paradigm Dominance in Consumer Research - Shelby Hunt
Towards a Critical Pluralism and Rapprochement
Interpreting Consumer Mythology - J Sidney Levy
A Structural Approach to Consumer Behavior
Roots of Marketing and Consumer Research at the University of Chicago - J Sidney Levy
Consumer Research and Semiotics - David Glen Mick
Exploring the Morphology of Signs, Symbols and Significance
Philosophical Tension in Consumer Inquiry - J Paul Peter
Consumer Research - Itamar Simonson et al
In Search of Identity
Putting Experience Back into Consumer Research - Craig J Thompson, William Locander and Howard R Pollio
The Philosophy and Method of Existential Phenomenology
Beyond Consumerism - Frank Trentmann
New Historical Perspectives on Consumption
Discovery-Orientated Consumer Research - William Wells
Consumer and Consumption - Sharon Zukin and Jennifer Smith Maguire
Constructive Consumer Choice Processes - J R Bettman, M F Luce and J W Payne
Self-Generated Validity and Other Effects of Measurement on Belief, Attitude, Intention and Behaviour - J M Feldman and J R Lynch
Rediscovering Satisfaction - S Fournier and D Mick
Product Experience is Seductive - Stephen J Hoch
Managing What Consumers Learn from Experience - Stephen J Hoch and John Deighton
Preconscious Processing Effects - C Janiszewski
The Independence of Attitude Formation and Conscious Thought
Order of Entry Effects on Consumer Memory and Judgment - Frank R Kardes and Gurumurthy Kalyanaram
An Information Integration Perspective
Choosing to Avoid - Mary Frances Luce
Coping with Negatively Emotion-Laden Consumer Decisions
The Effect of New Product Features on Brand Choice - Stephen M Nowlis and Itamar Simonson
Whence Consumer Loyalty? - Richard L Oliver
Consumer Learning and Brand Equity - Stijn M J van Osselaer and J W Alba
Consumer Knowledge Effects on Evaluation Strategies Mediating Consumer Judgements - Mita Sujan
Dealing with Children's Advertising - Gerry M Armstrong and Merrie Brucks
Public Policy Issues and Alternatives
The Role of Parental Socialization Types on Differential Family Communication Patterns Regarding Consumption - Les Carson, Sanford Grossbart and J Kathleen Stuenkel
Socializing Children about Television - Les Carlson, Russell N Laczniak and A Walsh
An Intergenerational Study
The Influence of Families and Peer-Based Reference Groups on Consumer Decisions - T L Childers and A R Rao
Spatial Biographies of Children's Consumption - Dan T Cook
Market Places and Spaces of Childhood in the 1930s and beyond
Family Members' Perceptions of Adolescents' Influence in Family Decision-Making - Ellen R Foxman, Patriya S Tansuhaj and Karin M Ekstrom
The Emergence of Adaptive Decision-Making in Children - Jennifer Gregan-Paxton and Deborah Roedder John
Age Differences in Product Categorization - Deborah Roedder John and Mita Sujan
Age Differences in Children's Choice Behavior - Deborah Roedder John and Ramnath Lakshmi-Ratan
The Impact of Available Alternatives
Consumer Socialization of Children - Deborah John Roedder
A Retrospective Look at 25 Years of Research
Pre-Schoolers' Learning of Brand Names from Visual Cues - Carole Macklin
Children's Understanding of the Intent of Advertising - Mary C Martin
A Meta-Analysis
Passing the Torch - Elizabeth S Moore, William L Wilkie and Richard J Lutz
Intergenerational Influences as a Source of Brand Equity
The Role of Family Communication in Consumer Socialization of Children and Adolescents - George P Moschis
Consumer Socialization - George P Moschis and G A Churchill
A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
Relationships between Family Communication and Consumer Activities of Adolescents - K M Palan
An Exploratory Study
How Do Young Children Learn to Be Consumers? A Script-Processing Approach - L A Peracchio
This landmark work contains classic and contemporary writings, including the most widely cited and influential papers that examine consumer behaviour as a field of study. The first volume addresses the question: 'how do we study consumers?' and provides the theoretical and historical context for the debates about consumer behaviour research captured in the following volumes. The second volume examines consumer decision-making; and the third volume examines consumer socialization, concentrating particularly on studies of childhood, children and family consumer behaviour.