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Documentary Research

Documentary Research

Sage Benchmarks in Social Rese
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Volume One: Theory and Methods in Documentary Research
Documentary research involves the use of texts and documents as source materials: government publications, newspapers, certificates, census publications, novels, film and video, paintings, personal photographs, diaries and innumerable other written, visual and pictorial sources in paper, electronic, or other `hard copy' form. Along with surveys and ethnography, documentary research is one of the three major types of social research and arguably has been the most widely used of the three throughout the history of sociology and other social sciences. It has been the principal method - indeed, sometimes the only one - for leading sociologists.

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Autor: John Scott
ISBN-13: 9781412908177
ISBN: 1412908175
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John Scott is Professor of Sociology and Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research at Plymouth University. He was previously Professor of Sociology at Essex University and Leicester University. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, an Academician of the Academy of learned Societies in the Social Sciences, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. An active member of the British Sociological Association, he has held the posts of Secretary, Treasurer, Chairperson, and President. His most recent publications are Conceptualising the Social World (Cambridge University Press, 2011), The Sage Handbook of Social Network Analysis (edited with Peter Carrington, Sage Publications, 2011), and Sociology (with James Fulcher, Oxfords University Press, 2011). His current work on the history of British sociology will appears as Envisioning Sociology. Victor Branford, Patrick Geddes, and the Quest for Social Reconstruction (with Ray Bromley, SUNY Press, 2013).

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Autor: John Scott
ISBN-13:: 9781412908177
ISBN: 1412908175
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.03.2006
Gewicht: 3086g
Seiten: 1592
Sprache: Englisch
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