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Increasing Student Motivation: Strategies for Middle and High School Teachers

Increasing Student Motivation: Strategies for Middle and High School Teachers

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Foreword by John A. Pohl
About the Author
1. Motivation Is a Mindset
Each Student Learns
Mistakes Aid Learning
Positive Feedback Is Necessary
Self-Concept Affects the Mindset
2. Motivation Is Influenced Through Observation
Project Intensity and Enthusiasm
Model Self-Confidence
3. Motivation Is Affected by Timing
Timing of Needs Varies
Needs Drive Objectives
4. Motivation Is Independence
Teach Goal Setting
Encourage Performance Appraisal
Provide for Self-Reinforcement
Role-Play With Optional Actions
5. Motivation Is Reflected in Victory
Process Leads to Success
Success Comes From Finished Products
6. Motivation Involves Action
Opportunities for Active Learning
Situations for Hands-on Activities
7. Motivation Is Increased Through Transfer
Relate New to Old Learning
Adapt Tasks to Student Interests
Clarify the Abstract
8. Motivation Is Inherent to Individuality
Recognize Weaknesses and Strengths
Relate Cognitive Experiences to Abilities
Demonstrate Talents and Skills
Express One's Differences From Others
9. Motivation Is Rooted in Ownership
Teach Responsibility
Involve Students in Decisions
10. Motivation Is Natural
Challenge Students
Encourage Student Expression
Acknowledge Student Views
Resource A: Strategies and Learning Styles
Resource B: Bloom's Taxonomy, Cognitive
Resource C: Positive Word List
Resource D: Example, Student Goals
Resource E: Example, Student Lesson Plan
All educators aim to spark in students a motivation to learn and succeed in school. The challenge lies in creating an environment and atmosphere that encourages, nurtures, and celebrates the desire to learn in all students.

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Autor: Margaret A. Theobald
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Margaret A. Theobald, Ed.D. has been at Southeast Missouri State University for the past twenty-four years and is a Professor in the Department of Middle and Secondary Education. She was a teacher at the middle and high school levels for more than 15 years in both public and parochial schools in Illinois and Missouri. She earned her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at Illinois State University with an emphasis on education at the middle level. She has served in several positions with the Missouri Middle School Association and its executive board, including the offices of secretary and president. Her research includes a statewide survey of middle-level practices and trends. The Missouri Middle School Association published the results of this survey in its' 1994 Missouri Middle Level Practices and Trends: A Resource Directory. She was also co-author for the 1995 publication, The Middle School Principal, Corwin Press. She has made numerous presentations at both the state and national levels and has published several articles. Her most recent research has been in the area of teaching strategies and student motivation.

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Autor: Margaret A. Theobald
ISBN-13:: 9781412906234
ISBN: 1412906237
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2005
Gewicht: 349g
Seiten: 145
Sprache: Englisch
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