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Asian Americans: Contemporary Trends and Issues

Asian Americans: Contemporary Trends and Issues

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Introduction - Pyong Gap Min
Asian Immigration: History and Contemporary Trends - Pyong Gap Min
Settlement Patterns and Diversity - Pyong Gap Min
The Socioeconomic Attainments of Asian Americans - Arthur Sakamoto and Yu Xie
Photo Essay 1: Second Generation Asian Americans - Steven J. Gold
Major Issues Related to Asian American Experiences - Pyong Gap Min
Photo Essay 2: Chinese Americans - Steven J. Gold
Chinese Americans - Morrison Wong
Photo Essay 3: Japanese Americans - Steven J. Gold
Japanese Americans - Daisuke Akiba
Photo Essay 4: Filipino Americans - Steven J. Gold
Filipino Americans - Carl L. Bankston III
Photo Essay 5: South Asian Americans - Steven J. Gold
South Asian Americans - Nazli Kibria
Photo Essay 6: Korean Americans - Steven J. Gold
Korean Americans - Pyong Gap Min
Photo Essay 7: Southeast Asian Americans - Steven J. Gold
Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodian Americans - Ruben G. Rumbaut
Photo Essay 8: Economic Adaptation - Steven J. Gold
Future Prospects of Asian Americans - Philip Q. Yang
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Asian Americans adopts the unique approach of examining the issues, and often obstacles, specific to Asian immigrants into the United States, such as occupational and economic adjustment, intermarriage and settlement patterns. The Second Edition has been updated to include information derived from the 2000 US Census.

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    Ethnic Issues; SOCIAL SCIENCE / Ethnic Studies / Asian American Studies


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Autor: Pyong Gap Min
ISBN-13:: 9781412905565
ISBN: 1412905567
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Gewicht: 663g
Seiten: 368
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