Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research: Perspectives, Methodologies, Examples, and Issues
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Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Research: Perspectives, Methodologies, Examples, and Issues

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J. Gary Knowles
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Part I: KnowingChapter 1: Art and Knowledge - Elliot Eisner
Chapter 2: The Art of Indigenous Knowledge: A Million Porcupines Crying in the Dark - Thomas King
Part II: Methodologies
Chapter 3: Art-Based Research - Shaun McNiff
Chapter 4: Visual Images in Research - Sandra Weber
Chapter 5: Arts-informed Research - Ardra L. Cole and J. Gary Knowles
Chapter 6: Arts-based Research - Susan Finley
Chapter 7: A/R/Tographers and Living Inquiry - Stephanie Springgay, Rita L. Irwin, and Sylvia Kind
Chapter 8: Lyric Inquiry - Lorri Neilsen
Part III: Genres
Chapter 9: Creative Non-fiction and Social Research - Tom Barone
Chapter 10: Interpretive Biography - Norman Denzin
Chapter 11: Heartful Autoethnography - Karen Scott-Hoy and Carolyn Ellis
Chapter 12: Métissage - Cynthia Chambers and Erika Hasebe-Ludt with Dwayne Donald, Wanda Hurren, Carl Leggo, and Antoinette Oberg
Chapter 13: Fiction - Stephen Banks
Chapter 14: Poetry - Carl Leggo
Chapter 15: Dance and Choreography - Donald Blumenfeld-Jones
Chapter 16: Performative Inquiry - Ronald J. Pelias
Chapter 17: Ethnodrama and Ethnotheatre - Johnny Saldaña
Chapter18: Readers' Theater - Robert Donmoyer and June Yennie Donmoyer
Chapter 19: Music - Liora Bresler
Chapter 20: Painting - Graeme Sullivan
Chapter 21: Photographs - Claudia Mitchell and Susan Allnutt
Chapter 22: Collage - Lynn Butler-Kisber
Chapter 23: Textu(r)al Sculpture - Alex F. de Cosson
Chapter 24: Installation Art - Ardra Cole and Maura McIntyre
Chapter 25: Video - Janice Rahn
Chapter 26: Blogs - Robert Runte
Chapter 27: Zines - Troy Lovata
Chapter 28: Radio - Christine McKenzie
Chapter 29: Community Arts - Deborah Barndt
Chapter 30: Quilts - Helen K. Ball
Part IV: Inquiry Processes
Chapter 31: An Indigenous Storywork Methodology - Jo-ann Archibald
Chapter 32: Literacy Genres: Housecleaning--A Work with Theoretical Notes - Lorri Neilsen
Chapter 33: From Research Analysis to Performance: A Choreographic Process - Mary Beth Cancienne
Chapter 34: Image-based Educational Research: Child-like Perspectives - Jon Prosser and Catherine Burke
Chapter 35: Exhibiting as Inquiry: Travels of an Accidental - Kathryn Church
Chapter 36: No Style, No Composition, No Judgment - Janice Jipson and Nick Paley
Part V: Issues and Challenges
Chapter 37: Performing Data with Notions of Responsibility - Jim Mienczakowski and Teresa Moore
Chapter 38: Ethical Issues and Issues of Ethics - Chris Sinding, Ross Gray, and Jeff Nisker
Chapter 39: Interrogating Reflexivity: Art, Research, and the Desire for Presence - Elizabeth de Freitas
Chapter 40: Art and Experience: Lessons from Dewey and Hawkins - Valerie J. Janesick
Chapter 41: Going Public with Arts-inspired Social Research: Issues of Audience - Tom Barone
Chapter 42: Between Scholarship and Art: Dramaturgy and Quality in Arts-related Research - Kelli Jo Kerry-Moran
Chapter 43: Money Worries: Challenges of Funding Arts-related Research - Ross Gray and Ardra Cole
Chapter 44: Using the Arts to Create a Thesis or Dissertation - J. Gary Knowles and Sara Promislow
Part VI: Arts in Research across Disciplines
Chapter 45: Anthropology - Ruth Behar
Chapter 46: Psychology - Graham E. Higgs
Chapter 47: Women's Studies - Lekkie Hopkins
Chapter 48: Education - Christine van Halen-Faber and C. T. Patrick Diamond
Chapter 49: Social Work - Adrienne Chambon
Chapter 50: Nursing - Vangie Bergum and Dianne Godkin
Chapter 51: Health-Policy Research - Jeff Nisker
Chapter 52: Disability Studies - Esther Ignagni and Kathryn Church
Chapter 53: Business Studies - Laura Brearley and Lotte Darso
Chapter 54: Sport and Physical Education - Andrew C. Sparkes