Transforming School Leadership and Management to Support Student Learning and Development: The Field Guide to Comer Schools in Action
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Transforming School Leadership and Management to Support Student Learning and Development: The Field Guide to Comer Schools in Action

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Edward T. Joyner
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Comer Schools in Action

Preface - Edward T. Joyner
About the Authors
1. Introducing the Comer Process to the Faculty for the First Time - J. Patrick Howley and Michael Ben-Avie
2. Essential Understandings of the Yale School Development Program: A Reference Guide to the Comer Process - Michael Ben-Avie, Edward T. Joyner, and James P. Comer
3. The School Planning and Management Team (SPMT): The Engine That Drives the School - Miriam McLaughlin, Everol Ennis, and Fred Hernandez
4. Identifying the Problem You Are Trying to Solve with the Comer Process - SuAnne Lawrence, Michelle Adler Morrison, Michael Ben-Avie, Jonathon H. Gillette, and Gretchen Myhre
5. All Decisions Must Be Made in the Best Interests of Children: SDP's Most Important Standard - Michael Ben-Avie, Trudy Raschkind Steinfeld, and James P. Comer
6. Designing the Comprehensive School Plan - Valerie Maholmes
7. School Planning and Management Team (SPMT) Subcommittees: Where the Work of the Comprehensive School Plan Gets Done - Malcolm N. Adler and Jan Stocklinski with contributions by J. Patrick Howley, Sherrie Berrien Joseph, and the Comer Staff of Prince George's County Public Schools, Maryland
8. Community Investment in Schools - Larry Dornell Burgess
9. Forging Strong Home, School, and Community Links - Michael Ben-Avie
10. Families as Partners: Parent Teams and Parent/Family Involvement - Sheila Jackson, Nora Martin, and Jan Stocklinski
11. The Student and Staff Support Team (SSST) and the Coordination of Student Services: "Nine Different People Were Helping One Child" - William T. Brown and Sherrie Berrien Joseph
12. The Student and Staff Support Team (SSST) and Child Development - Felicia D. Gil
13. The Students Have Ruled That "School Should Not Hurt": One Comer School's Approach to Bullying and Other Student Interpersonal Problems - William T. Brown and Rebecca Werner
14. Letters from an Experienced Facilitator: Promoting a Team Approach to Educational Change - Vivian Loseth and the Youth Guidance Staff, Chicago
15. The Comer Facilitator and Teaming Skills for Meetings - The Yale School Development Program Staff
16. SDP Facilitators Model Communication Excellence - Trudy Raschkind Steinfeld and Michael Ben-Avie
17. Making Decisions: Reaching Consensus in Team Meetings - Michael Ben-Avie, Trudy Raschkind Steinfeld, and James P. Comer
18. The School Development Program (SDP) Implementation Life Cycle: A Roadmap to Planned Change - Edward T. Joyner
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Foreword - Michael Fullan
`A unique feature of James Comer's school improvement is the comprehensiveness of his ecological approach. It necessarily involves all of the key players in each individual school setting and provides guidelines for their interaction. . . .The domain of educational change is not without good ideas, but it is rare to find them translated into the substance and strategies necessary to getting them into school practices. This handbook will help enormously to keep alive what James Comer and his colleagues have so carefully crafted over the years' - John I Goodlad, President, Institute for Educational Inquiry